Are Morgan and Binh From Married at First Sight Still Together?

Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight’ is an interesting reality series that revolves around a group of individuals who agree to marry strangers and put the chances of the survival of their relationship to the test. It chronicles the journey of these couples who were paired by relationship specialists and involves strangers who first connect on their wedding altar. The pairs are then whisked on to an all-expense-paid honeymoon and given a taste of regular married life before having to decide whether to stay together or obtain a divorce.

Viewers witness the couples attempting to develop their relationship up till Decision Day while experiencing a taste of what married life involves. In this process, while some couples make it a constructive journey, others have a tough road to incompatibility. One such couple from season 15 was Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh, whose compatibility with each other was tested many times during their journey. Thus, as fans must now be wondering if they are still together, here’s what we found out!

Morgan and Binh’s Marriage at First Sight Journey

Morgan Bell is a registered nurse from Bakersfield, California, who was 27 years old when she appeared on the show. After watching a few episodes, Morgan decided to give the show’s experts a chance as she grew tired of her choices and wanted something long-lasting. As an independent woman, Morgan wanted a similar dependable person to begin her new life with. Binh Trinh is an engineer as well as a personal trainer and is a first-generation Asian-American whose parents met at a refugee camp in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Looking at the successful marriage of his parents, who fell in love at first sight, Binh also wanted a love like theirs and went for the show as his best option. The then 29-year-old was ready to settle down and start a family by finding a deep bond with his life partner, although he is a self-proclaimed mama’s boy. Once Morgan and Binh got married, they went on their honeymoon and had a great time. Their connection grew pretty quickly since they had an instant attraction, which helped them ease up in front of each other.

However, things weren’t great for long because the differences in personality and temperament of both Morgan and Binh soon showed up in their conversation. There also began the accusations of lies and distrust on both ends of the relationship. This began when Morgan told Binh that her bachelor’s degree in nursing was still left to be completed, as opposed to what she had mentioned previously. This took him aback as he thought she lied to him.

Since they were already having problems communicating, Binh’s decision to share his dilemma with fellow cast member, Justin, did not sit well with Morgan, as she thought it was a private conversation. Thus, their trust issues rose further and went beyond repair even after Binh’s romantic gesture on their 1-month anniversary and his acceptance of her accusations. Morgan even went on to say that she lost respect for him and only wanted to show him how hurt she was. Binh had a sorry yet confused expression at the progression of things, and they both gave second thoughts on their marriage.

Are Morgan and Binh Still Together?

No, Morgan and Binh are no longer together as they decided to go their separate ways even before Decision Day. When asked about their doubts, Morgan said that she did not see a best friend in Binh, and she, instead, suggested he become stronger mentally and emotionally. Although Binh had hopes of reconciliation in the beginning, he also decided to ask for divorce since he realized he needed to work on himself and work out his past traumas and emotional issues before getting into a committed relationship.

On the reunion episode of the show, Morgan did confess that she regretted her decision to end things so early. However, she reiterated that getting divorced was still the best option for them, considering their incompatibility. She realized that Binh was not the man for her who could support her and be her companion like she wanted. Binh was also growing anxious around her, always afraid about making mistakes and insecure about never being good enough for others.

Accordingly, they decided to work on their issues instead and grow individually before seeking a partner. Despite their differences, after taking separate routes, Morgan and Ninh did warm up to each other again and vowed to remain friends later. After about a month of their split, they, in fact, got together and met up for brunch. Binh again apologized for his actions and for making her feel not good enough, admitting that he wasn’t truly ready for marriage after all.

Thus, concluding their journey, Morgan said, “We’re really good friends, but our romantic relationship is over.” As of now, Binh is working on himself, while Morgan has taken a break by traveling overseas and seems to have jumped into the casual dating pool. We only wish them happiness and success in their future ahead.

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