Are Yara and Jovi From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

‘90 Day Fiancé’ is a reality TV show that exhibits the journeys of couples trying their hardest to work out their long-distance relationships. After applying for a K-1 visa, they often feel stuck in a pressure cooker situation. Season 8 of the successfully running series brought back three duos from the previous editions (or its spin-offs) and introduced four new pairs, one of which is Yara and Jovi. Given only 90 days to decide whether the fiancé would go on to become the life partner or turn back into a stranger has badgered them both into reaching extreme conclusions. But is it in favor of them staying together or not?

Yara and Jovi: 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya crossed paths virtually, much like most of the millennial couples. But instead of a dating website, they got introduced to one another on a travel app. The 29-year-old’s job in the unique field of underwater robotics makes him travel all around the world. Jovi proudly flexes on his Instagram bio that he has visited “57/195 countries,” and 25 of them have been purely work trips.

The very globe-trotting necessitated him to download a travel app to meet new people, and that’s precisely how he came across the gorgeous Ukrainian, Yara. Her head-turning personality won Jovi’s heart gradually, though the initial intention was only to enjoy “a two-day fling.” Jovi and Yara’s shared love for beaches, scuba diving, and travelling connected them on a deeper level. The New Orleans native first met his now-beau in Budapest. Their “awkward” meeting eased up after a few glasses of wine and great sex.

Since then, there has been no looking back for the adorable couple. They have been dating for quite some time now, as is evident from their social media accounts. Their first couple picture together dates back to the first half of 2019. So the two have been making their relationship run smoothly ever since. Nonetheless, their journey has not been a bed of roses as the two have tried to tackle several problems before they could even think of sharing the wedding vows anytime soon

Are Yara and Jovi Still Together?

Yara and Jovi are truly one of the strongest duos on the eighth edition of ‘90 Day Fiancé’ as they have already been through worst. Only six months into committing to each other, the 25-year-old found out that she was expecting her boyfriend’s baby. Jovi felt at the top of the world, and to express his feelings, he proposed to the Ukrainian beauty. Heartbreakingly, she Yara a miscarriage soon after. Nonetheless, the accident only brought the couple closer to each other and even nudged her to move stateside permanently. However, Jovi’s demeanor after she landed in America leaves her in shambles.

Jovi’s playboy behavior, which includes consumption of alcohol right in the morning and brazen flirting with other women, immensely hurt his girlfriend. There is a major probability that his way-too-exciting vocation has made it difficult for him to be tied down, but Yara expects him to slow down on his partying ways. Yara’s expectation of her fiancé to act more like a family man is fair enough, but this does not seem feasible as far as the adventurous Jovi is concerned.

Even his mother warned her of his commitment phobia. Sundry red flags make it seem impossible for the two to continue living together peacefully, forget sharing the wedding vows anytime soon. Yet, the undeniable benefit of a long-term relationship is that they have already handled sticky situations adeptly, and there is a good chance of them coming quickly out of this one as well.

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