Are Yohan and Daniele from 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

The popularity of TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiance‘ led to several exciting spinoffs, including ’Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story.’ Season 2 featured Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo, whose cross-border relationship quickly became a point of interest for the fans of the show. Their journey to iron out their issues and in order to get married was turbulent, and many wondered how long the two would last. Fans cannot help but wonder if they have parted ways after filming stopped. For those invested in knowing further, we have the answers.

Yohan and Daniele’s 90 Day Fiance Journey

The story of Yohan and Daniele is quite the romantic one. They stumbled upon each other in the Dominican Republic and instantly had a connection as soon as they locked eyes. Daniele was already in love with the Dominican Republic, but this time, the vacation meant something more. She found true love after 5-years of focusing on herself and taking a break from the dating scene. She revealed on the Season 2 debut how her trip to the Caribbean changed her life completely when she saw the“most beautiful man she had ever seen” walking through her hotel.

Despite their instant connection, the couple faced several issues that couldn’t be ignored. The two faced a language barrier and other communication issues. The couple decided to work on all their problems and planned their future together. After a month, the pair got engaged. However, the problems didn’t seem to go away. The recurring issue of choosing the place to settle down continued. On the show, prior to the nuptials, Daniele confessed, “Before this week, we’ve always talked about me moving to the Dominican Republic.”

The New York resident added, “But as we get closer and closer to the wedding, it seems like he’s more and more adamant about him moving to New York City, which makes me really suspicious.” After a heated argument, Yohan made his intentions about moving to New York clear to Daniele. He said he needed to settle down in New York to work and provide for his family in the Dominican Republic. Daniele also revealed that the night prior to their wedding, she had second thoughts and that the pair were sleeping in different rooms. So, were the speculations correct? Did the two manage the work on their issues and come to a common ground? Let’s find out.

Are Yohan and Daniele Still Together?

Readers would be delighted to know that Yohan and Daniele were able to make a compromise and are indeed happy together. The couple decided to stay in the Dominican Republic, where it all began, bidding farewell to her beloved New York City. The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary on November 29, where they posted beautiful pictures about their journey through the year.

They are also caught bathing under the Caribbean sun and going for swims; in short, living the best married life. The pair reportedly appeared on ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way,’ where they continued their beautiful journey as each other’s forever person. While both of them are successful reality TV stars, they are also focusing on their profession behind the cameras. Daniele is a spiritualist and yoga instructor, while Yohan is busy with his restaurant business in the Dominican Republic.

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