Arnold Schwarzenegger Net Worth

How much is Arnold Schwarzenegger worth? $400 million

How did Arnold Schwarzenegger earn his money and wealth?

In the public’s eye, Schwarzenegger today is a notable actor, model, businessman, and politician, of high standing and distinction, but he began his career as a professional bodybuilder at the age of 15 and marked his first achievement winning a bodybuilding competition at the age of 18. Arnold managed to comprehend his net worth from acting, modeling, bodybuilding and of course, various business endeavors. The Austrian-American former bodybuilder turned model and actor is known to have a net worth of $400 million.

He started his movie career with, the “Hercules” in 1969. Arnold Schwarzenegger ignited the silver screen and hurled his repute through the movie business history in Terminator for the role in James Cameron’s sci-fi thriller. A major breakthrough in his life came when he was offered the role for which he grossed $30million and became a million-dollar actor. His multifaceted and extraordinary career made him a man of owning an extraordinary fortune. His mega movie hits like “The Predator”, “Red Heat”, and “The Running Man”, commanded him more than $100million of USD. Arnold instead of taking the fees, partnered with Ivan and Danny for ‘TWINS’ on a profit sharing ratio of 40% to be divided equally between the three. Fortunately, the film went on to be a sensational sell-out, fetching out over $215 million worldwide. Arnold himself announced that what wealth TWINS earned him is way beyond than any other film of his lifetime career.

The versatile Hollywood personality marks a distinction being placed as the only star actor to have been in both categories of the American Film Institute’s “Hundred Years of Heroes and Villains” for the characters he enacted in the Terminator series. His memorable role play in action movies, The Expendables, and an elaborate casting in The Expendables 2 has added immense liquidity to his net worth. The chronicle of the turbulent years of the success of his movie in Broadway grossed over $3 billion at the worldwide box office.

A bonus fact to Arnold’s prodigious net worth compilation includes his early adolescence indulgence in real estate. Arnold had become a real estate magnate by the time he was 25. He registered his name as a real estate multi-millionaire capitalist well before he was an illustrious actor.

Moving his focus to boost the economic development of the country he had been flourishing from, he psyched himself to give back to the nation. For all the opulence and admiration he gained from his avid audience, he put a halt to movies and took up to serve as the 38th governor of California State from 2003 to 2010. State Governor Schwarzenegger submitted the control of his career and money to the people who shepherded him. His savoir faire let California experience the era of extraordinary public service and technological growth.

What are the highest grossing movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day: $519.8 million
  • Terminator: Genisys: $440.6 million
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines: $433.4 million
  • True Lies: $378.9 million
  • Terminator Salvation: $371.4 million
  • The Expendables 2: $315.0 million
  • The Expendables: $274.5 million
  • Total Recall: $261.3 million
  • Eraser: $242.3 million
  • Batman and Robin: $238.2 million
  • Twins: $216.6 million
  • The Expendables 3: $214.7 million

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