Artemis Fowl Sequel: What to Expect?

Young adult fans would have certainly rejoiced when Disney announced plans of working on an adaptation of the massively popular series of novels, ‘Artemis Fowl‘ by Eoin Colfer. The book series has enjoyed incredible amounts of success and is often compared to ‘Harry Potter.’ It revolves around a twelve-year-old genius who gets embroiled in the world of fairies (not the storybook kind) when his father gets kidnapped by a villainous creature. Kenneth Branagh helms the on-screen adaptation, adding some promise due to the actor turned director’s past success.

Artemis Fowl 2 Release Date

Many viewers would wonder whether there is going to be a sequel for ‘Artemis Fowl’ in the first place. Well, the plot certainly shows significant amounts of promise for that, but more on that later. Here is what Branagh told about plans for a sequel: “The rivalry, the adversarial quality, the friendship between Holly and Artemis, the double-act that is Artemis and Butler is a delicious component, and I think you’ve got all the promise and potential for Juliette, the crankiness of the Commander Root character, plus all the incidents you refer to, so I think the material’s there. The difficulty with these things, particularly when you have the massive shadow of the gargantuan success that Potter is, is that they can be intimidating, so I think anything that follows is tricky, but we’ve given it our best shot. The material’s there, the performers are great, and if the audience want it, we’ll be coming back at them.”

Unfortunately, the movie adaptation has been met with extremely negative reviews, especially for not staying true to the original source material. Moreover, most viewers have found it to be too formulaic and extremely ineffective. As of this dater, the movie has a 13% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Hence, a sequel might not actually happen since the adaptation has certainly enraged the book’s fans which formed a major chunk of the intended audience. However, since Eoin Colfer’s series has incredible levels of popularity, Disney might want to take a second chance.

‘Artemis Fowl’ had been in development hell for a really long time since Miramax planned on adapting it way back in 2001. Walt Disney Pictures took over in 2013, followed by cutting Miramax out after the sexual misconduct scandal involving Harvey Weinstein. Filming began in March 2018. Hence, the movie took a little more than two years to be released after filming had begun. If Disney begins working on a sequel right away, ‘Artemis Fowl 2’ can be expected to release in 2023.

Artemis Fowl 2 Plot and Cast: What Can it Be About? Who Will Be in it?

‘Artemis Fowl’ mainly covers incidents from the first and second novels by Eoin Colfer. Hence, one can reasonably assume the next movie to be based on the third novel of the series. The first movie also reveals a direction that the upcoming movie (or a possible franchise) might take. The first movie ends with Artemis Fowl I, Artemis Fowl II, Butler, Diggums, and Holly flying away. It is revealed that they intend on investigating a list of Opal’s allies. Hence, Opal, the faceless creature who abducts Artemis Fowl I is pitted to be the main antagonist once again in the sequel and possibly, other movies that may follow.

On the other hand, the third book of Eoin Colfer’s series (‘Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code’) deals with Artemis Fowl II making a supercomputer using the fairies’ technology. However, he gets duped by a Chicago businessman. Hence, the second Disney movie might touch upon this plot. But it looks like the main plot will revolve around investigating Opal’s allies.

As far as the cast is concerned, most of the cast members can be expected in the next movie. Ferdia Shaw would obviously return as Artemis Fowl. One may expect Colin Farrell to have a meatier role in the next movie. Moreover, Judi Dench, Josh Gad, and Lara McDonnell can also be expected to reprise their roles in the sequel.

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