Who is Astronaut on ‘The Masked Singer’? Clues and Guesses

The Masked Singer‘ has seen several great performances, now that Season 3 has showcased the talents of Groups A and B. Before Group C takes the stage in the upcoming episode, you might be wondering if there are any clues surrounding the identities of the characters.

Fans must realize that until the performers take the stage, we cannot really narrow down on the guesses. However, even before the initial clue packages, we have some idea of who might be behind the costumes. One performer who has grabbed our attention is Astronaut. This is especially because the Astronaut outfit has appeared in Germany’s ‘The Masked Singer’, and won. Max Mutzke from Eurovision was behind the costume then.

Wondering as to who might be wearing the Astronaut mask now? We have got you covered.

Clues About Astronaut:

There are not many clues about the Astronaut at the moment. You can check out the outfit of the performer below. We can see the performer trying to reach for a mike. The suit seems to be gold-colored with some designs.

Guesses About Astronaut:

Even if the clues have not been enough to make a good guess, until this point, the show’s preview has given us some leads. Check out a peek at his performance below. Astronaut sings Lauren Daigle’s “You Say.”


Going by the voice, several fans have guessed Astronaut to be Hunter Hayes. The tone of the voice makes it seem logical at this point. To top it off, Hayes had made a previous post on Instagram, saying that the sky is the limit. For now, fans have taken it to mean that the man in the space outfit is the country singer. Check out the tweet asserting this guess, below.

In the absence of a clue package, guesses are running wild, and some fans feel that Astronaut might be Jesse McCartney. However, there is a larger chance that Jesse is behind the Turtle outfit. Nonetheless, you can check out this fan’s theory, below.

One of the pretty thought out answers, up until this point, has been that Astronaut might be Carson Daly. After all, he has been around the MTV VMA for a long time. The award ceremony gives away moon trophies, which look a lot like the astronaut outfit. However, it is also important to note that Carson has a very busy schedule with shows like ‘The Voice‘, and might not have had time to film for ‘The Masked Singer’ in the first place.

Another smart guess, at this point, is that Lance Bass, a member of NSYNC, might have donned the Astronaut outfit. After all, Lance has been tied to outer space travel for a while. He wanted to fly to the international space station in 2002. However, being unable to raise his part of the finances, he was grounded.

This incident has in no way, diminished Lance’s desire to travel to space, and putting on the Astronaut outfit in ‘The Masked Singer’ might be another step in that direction. That being said, Lance had taken time out earlier, denying that he was the Turtle. This is also when he stated that though he’d love to be part of the show, his schedule didn’t permit it.

Fans who have followed ‘The Masked Singer’ know not to take these celebrity declarations at face value, since they’re often misdirections to protect their identities on the show.

As is evident, there are plenty of clues flying around at this point. Going by just the preview, though, it is always difficult to state any guess with certainty. As the episodes go on, we are sure to see more clues about Astronaut’s identity. Coupled with hearing the voice, over performances, we will surely be able to narrow down on who the Astronaut is, in the future episodes.

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