Atlantic Crossing Season 2: Everything We Know

Set during World War II, ‘Atlantic Crossing’ is a historical drama that showcases the period when the Crown Princess Märtha of Sweden fought to free her country and her marriage under desperate conditions presented by the war. Created by Alexander Eik, the series emphasizes the period when Martha was a war refugee in the White House after the Nazis invaded Norway in 1940.

The Crown Princess’ controversial presence in his abode shifts President Franklin Roosevelt’s opinion on the war atrocities committed in Europe. This, in turn, significantly affects the politics of his country. His decision to support Norway becomes the first step in sending the US up in the barracks. After watching the first season of the series, you must be curious about what lies ahead. In that case, here’s everything we know about ‘Atlantic Crossing’ season 2!

Atlantic Crossing Season 2 Release Date

‘Atlantic Crossing’ season 1 premiered on April 4, 2021, as a part of ‘Masterpiece Theatre’ on PBS and wrapped up on May 23, 2021. The series comprises eight episodes, with each one having an approximate runtime of 60 minutes. Before its stateside release, it originally came out on October 25, 2020, on a Norwegian broadcasting network called NRK. Through its lush scenery and poignant story-telling, the show impressed audiences everywhere. This has naturally raised a lot of questions about its renewal.

As far as the second season is concerned, we’re aware of the following details. First, ‘Atlantic Crossing’ is essentially a miniseries, which is usually conceived only for a limited number of episodes and doesn’t extend beyond the first season. So it is unlikely that the show will return. Second, although some might argue that the structure of this historical drama is similar to Netflix’s ‘The Crown,’ a multi-season account of Queen Elizabeth’s responsibilities as the monarch of England, the creators had always intended ‘Atlantic Crossing’ to be a one-season show.

Moreover, the series has been created in a way that exhausts its narrative by the end of season one. So it is futile to hope for more episodes beyond the current eight. Writer and creator of the series Alexander Eik mentioned that the series is inspired by actual events in the 1940s during the advent of the Second World War. It can be pointed out that the premise of the show is too wide to be contained in eight episodes, which is why it should’ve been stretched into a regular series. However, he also clarified that they managed to cram five years of war history into an eight-hour drama.

The creators simplified real-life events to fit the needs of the format of the series while attempting to be as historically correct as possible. Hence, as of now, ‘Atlantic Crossing’ season 2 is officially concluded. But if the show’s end has left you pining for more, you can check out another Masterpiece PBS, ‘World on Fire,’ based on World War II. The series documents notable moments in the war from five different perspectives. Unlike ‘Atlantic Crossing,’ the latter is not a miniseries. You can additionally check out Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ if you have a taste for women-centric historical drama focusing upon females who have changed the course of socio-economic politics.

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