Will There be an Austin Powers 4?

The frequently hilarious and endlessly quotable Austin Powers series of spy comedy films brought to us by the jocular mind of Mike Myers are some of the most memorable spy movies of all time, despite mocking and parodying the genre relentlessly. Although the trilogy wrapped up nearly two decades ago, that hasn’t stopped fans from lobbying for a new sequel to 2002’s ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’ ever since then. Will there be an ‘Austin Powers 4’? Read on to find out everything we know.

Austin Powers Series Retrospective: What Can We Expect From Austin Powers 4?

The trilogy kicks off with 1997’s ‘Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery’ as nothing more than a tongue in cheek parody of the extremely popular James Bond films, as well as general popular culture. The movie opens in the year of 1967, and British super spy Austin Powers outwits his arch-nemesis Dr. Evil during an altercation in a nightclub in London. Dr. Evil manages to make his escape via a spaceship and cryogenically freezes himself, vowing to return in the future. Understanding the threat of Dr. Evil, Powers volunteers to be placed into cryostasis himself as a contingency for the future.

As expected, Dr. Evil makes his inevitable return thirty years later and finds that his second in command has transformed his evil enterprise into a legitimate multi-billion dollar company named Virtucon. However, Dr. Evil is not interested in running a business and begins to plan his next great evil scheme – steal nuclear weapons and ransom the United Nations for $1 million (which he later amends to $100 billion when he is informed that the value of the dollar has fallen with time).

He also attempts to connect with his new son Scott Evil, who was artificially created using Dr. Evil’s DNA while he was in cryosleep but fails to do so as Scott resents him for not being there for his childhood. With the threat of Dr. Evil looming upon the world, the British ministry of defense revive Austin Powers and pair him up with Agent Vanessa Kensington, daughter of his longtime sidekick Mrs. Kensington.

Powers and Kensington masquerade as a married couple in order to surreptitiously tail Dr. Evil’s Number 2 and run into his secretary Alotta Fagina in Las Vegas. Powers breaks into Fagina’s apartment and discovers that Dr. Evil plans to destroy the Earth by drilling a hole to the Earth’s core and dropping a nuclear warhead inside it.

With revenge on his mind, Dr. Evil begins creating android fembots with guns concealed within their breasts in order to seduce and neutralize Austin Powers. Meanwhile, the UN accedes to Dr. Evil’s demands, who decides to go ahead with his apocalyptic plan regardless. Powers attempts to locate Dr. Evil at Virtucon headquarters but is confronted by the fembots, who promptly all explode when Powers seduces in an uproarious scene involving Powers performing a striptease dance. Eventually, Powers locates the nuclear bomb and deactivates it, forcing Dr. Evil to escape into space once again. The movie closes with Powers and Kensington on honeymoon having just married, and Dr. Evil vowing revenge once again.

A sequel titled ‘Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me’ came out two years later in 1999, and starts off right where the first movie ended. On his honeymoon with Vanessa Kensington, Austin Powers soon discovers that his new wife is actually a fembot created by Dr. Evil to assassinate him. After taking a few moments to grieve his loss, Powers is buoyed by the thought of living the single life once again, but is horrified when he discovers that he is now impotent courtesy of Dr. Evil, who used his latest gadget called a Time Machine to go back into time to the late 1960s and steal Powers’ Mojo, the source of all his sexual magnetism.

Now, Powers must team up with a foxy CIA Agent named Felicity Shagwell and go back in time to recover and Mojo and also stop Dr. Evil from blowing up Washington DC with a giant cannon on the Moon. ‘Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me’ introduces several fan favorite characters including Fat Bastard, an obese Scottish Guard and Mini Me, a one eighth clone of Dr. Evil and his new partner in crime.

The final film in the trilogy titled ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’ released three years later in 2002. Dr. Evil and Mini Me have escaped from prison and team up with the aptly named supervillain Goldmember (real name Johan van der Smut) to hatch a Machiavellian plan involving time travel, a destructive tractor beam and kidnapping Austin Powers’ dad – English master spy Nigel Powers. In order to foil Dr. Evil once again, Austin Powers travels back in time to 1975 and enlists the help of his former flame Detective Foxxy Cleopatra. The film also sees the return of fan favorite characters Fat Bastard and Scott Evil, who finally assumes his rightful place as Dr. Evil’s heir.

We don’t know much about the script for ‘Austin Powers 4’ but it will likely place a heavy emphasis on Scott Evil, with director Jay Roach also outlining his desire to flesh out Mini Me’s backstory. Mike Myers also talked about focusing more on Dr. Evil than Austin powers in the new film. Characters such as Fat Bastard and Number are likely to return, with Goldmember also being a possibility. One character who won’t we returning, however, is Dr. Evil’s minuscule clone Mini Me, after the untimely death of actor Verne Troyer last year.

Austin Powers 4 Cast and Crew: Who Could Be Behind The Movie?

All three movies in the Austin Powers trilogy have been directed by American filmmaker Jay Roach and written by Mike Myers (Michael McCullers collaborated with Myers for the second and third movies). Jay Roach is expected to return as the director should an ‘Austin Powers 4’ project be greenlit.

The recurring cast of the movies include Canadian actor and comedian Mike Myers as both Austin Powers and Dr. Evil; American actor Seth Green as Scott Evil; American actor and stunt artist Verne Troyer as Mini Me; English actor Michael York as Basil Exposition, Powers’ handler from British Intelligence; American actor Robert Wagner as Number 2 and American actress Mindy Sterling Frau Farbissina, Dr. Evil’s henchwoman. Most of the cast can be expected to return for ‘Austin Powers 4’, barring Verne Troyer.

Austin Powers 4 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

There has been talk of a fourth Austin Powers movie for a while now, with Myers first floating the possibility as early as 2005. In May 2007, Myers announced a planned fourth film but the project never materialized. Nevertheless, there was talk off and on about ‘Austin Powers 4’ until Verne Troyer’s unfortunate passing in 2018, following which director Jay Roach cast doubt on the chances of ‘Austin Powers 4’ ever being made.

Ultimately though, it all depends on Mike Myers really. As it stands, the earliest I would expect ‘Austin Powers 4’ to release is 2022.

Austin Powers Trailer

While we wait for more news about ‘Austin Powers 4’, you can watch the trailer for ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’ right here:

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