Avenue 5 on HBO: Premiere Date and Cast Details

Avenue 5 season 1

‘Avenue 5’ is a space comedy that chronicles the lives of a captain and his team, as chaos ensues on an extravagant and opulent space liner disrupting the peace among the passengers.

The king of satire, Oscar Nominee Armando Iannucci is the man behind ‘Avenue 5.’ The Scottish writer-director’s notable works include one of the greatest shows of all time, ‘Veep,’ the movie that got him an Oscar nomination, ‘In the Loop,’ and BAFTA Award winner ‘The Death of Stalin.’ He also directs the pilot episode of the show, while Natalie Bailey (‘Damned’) and Becky Martin (‘Peep Show’).

HBO has been home to spectacular shows like ‘Watchmen,’ ‘Barry,’ ‘Succession,’ ‘Silicon Valley,’ among many others. The network has always promoted wide-ranging shows by putting out less glamour and more high-quality content, and Avenue 5 fits into the list perfectly. What makes the show different from the others is its outlandish premise, seamless humor and of course top-tier ensemble cast.

Avenue 5 Season 1 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Avenue 5’ season 1 is all set to premiere on Sunday, January 19, 2020, at 10 pm ET. You can watch the show on HBO.

The show consists of 10 episodes with a runtime of 45-50 minutes each.

Avenue 5 Cast: Who is in it?

Multiple Golden Globes winner Hugh Laurie headlines the cast as the snippy and crusty Ryan Clark, who confidently captains the ship during the time of crisis. One of the most underrated actors of all time, Hugh is best known for ‘House,’ ‘The Night Manager’ and ‘Catch-22.’

‘Frozen’ actor Josh Gad plays the billionaire Herman Judd, the one who thinks of himself as Elon Musk, responsible for Avenue 5 and the cheeky Judd brand, which includes suites, resorts, fitness clubs and of course, space tourism. Herman is a self-proclaimed genius who is actually quite miserable at science, and takes indirect help from his employees along with the credit because “who is the genius here?” Suzy Nakamura narrates the role of Judd’s senior advisor and right-hand woman, Iris Kimura. She is known for ‘Dead to Me.’

Zach Woods (‘Silicon Valley,’ ‘The Office’) essays the character of Matt Spencer, the chief of public relations and customer feedback. Matt is a decent lad with a nihilistic attitude towards life. He wants nothing in the world more than a promotion.

Nikki Amuka-Bird, known for ‘Luther,’ portrays the role of the head of Judd Mission Control, Rav Mulcair. She is sharp-witted, wise and eccentric but is ridden with guilt of having sent her friends in space to give their weak marriage a second chance. ‘Humans’ fame Rebecca Front enacts the character of Karen Kelly, an independent, rebellious, articulate and determined to help the troubled passengers.

Lenora Crichlow (‘Sugar Rush’) executes the role of one of the engineers on board, Billie McEvoy. A career oriented and honest woman, Lenora has a paranoia about getting killed in space. Seasoned actor Ethan Phillips (‘Better Call Saul’) plays Spike Martin, elderly space enthusiast and former astronaut. Spike is a Casanova who loves drinking and is good with kids. Spike has a habit of speaking things which are mostly untrue.

Avenue 5 Plot: What is it About?

Set over four decades in the future, ‘Avenue 5’ is a sci-fi comedy that follows the lives of a captain and his crew, who are on a mission to give the passengers, an experience of a lifetime in their luxurious tourist spaceship.

A technical difficulty causes the ship to encounter grave malfunctions and the trip of a few weeks around the solar-system converts into a few years. Passengers threaten to wreak havoc if the owner and the captain can’t figure out a solution soon.

In this comedy of errors, Captain Clark and his crew are the only ones who can save this ship from getting sucked, but with the help of the passengers, some of whom are actually able to extend their expertise in the complicated times.

Avenue 5 Trailer

Check out the trailer for ‘Avenue 5’ season 1!

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