Baby Bash Net Worth

How much is Baby Bash worth? $12 Million

How did Baby Bash earn his money and wealth?

Baby Bash, real name Ronald Ray Bryant, was born on 18 October, 1975 in Vallejo, California, US to an Anglo father and a Mexican mother. He had a keen interest to play basketball for his junior college team during the mid-1990s. However, an ankle injury did not allow him to pursue a career in basketball. Baby Bash has a son Brando Rey. Baby Bash is not only an American-Mexican rapper but is also a songwriter and actor. Baby Bash’s music career began when he became a part of the group “PotnaDuece” in California. He later went to Houston in the year 1998 where he met rapper South Park Mexican. Before he achieved success as a solo artist, he was a part of the rap groups Latino Velvet and Potna Deuce under the name of “Baby Beesh”.

In the year 2001, Baby Bash launched his debut album named “Savage Dreams” on the label Dope House Records. The album stars guest performances of renowned music artists: Merciless, South Park Mexican, Jay Tee, Frost, Mr. Kee and Don Cisco. In the year 2002, Baby Bash released his second studio album named “On Tha Cool” again on Dope House Records. The album was produced by Johnny Z and Happy P and features guest performances of stars: Russell Lee, Jay Tee, Don Cisco, SPM, DJ Kane and Mr. Shadow.

Later in the year 2003, Universal Records signed Baby Bash after which he launched his album named “ThaSmokin’, Nephew”. Soon after the album’s release, the album reached number 48 rank on the Billboard 200. The 42 year-old rapper later released “Super Saucy” in the year 2005. “Super Saucy” is Baby Bash’s first official studio album. Moreover, the hit single from the album “Baby I’m Back” which features Akon reached at number 19 position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Moreover, Baby Bash has released a couple of more albums such as “Bashtown”, “Cyclone”, “Unsung”, “Don’t Panic”, “Ronnie Rey All Day” and “It’s Organic”.

In the year 2010, Baby Bash was offered a job to be an on-air personality for radio station Wild 94.9. His 2013 album “Unsung” features some of the popular artists like Miguel, Problem and Too Short. Furthermore, Baby Bash has also collaborated and worked with many hit singers such as T-Pain, Akon, and Sean Kingston. His song “What Is It” featuring Sean Kingston also got ranked on the Billboard charts.

What are the most famous songs from Baby Bash’s discography?

Suga Suga: The Smokin Nephew (2003)

Sideways (2016)

Cyclone (2007)

Baby I’m Back: Super Saucy (2005)

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