Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 10 Release Date and Spoilers

The arrival of a tropical storm momentarily halted this week’s episode of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ However, it was soon replaced by a verbal storm that was even more difficult to get rid of. Aaron picked up a fight with Ivan, who had kissed Chelsea, minutes after her date with Aaron. Kendall couldn’t get a grip on herself after losing her ex to another woman. For a detailed take on the latest happenings, you can head to the recap. To know what might happen in episode 10, let’s take a look at everything it might reveal!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 10 Release Date

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 7 episode 10 will air on September 28, 2021, at 8 pm ET on ABC. The show typically releases new two-hour-long episodes on Mondays and Tuesdays every week. Following the seventh episode, new episodes have been slated to release only on Tuesdays.

Where to Stream Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 10 Online?

The simplest way to watch ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 7 episode 10 is by tuning in to ABC at the aforementioned date and time. However, if you favor an online platform instead, you can use the same cable ID and log in to ABC’s official website to stream the episode as and when it airs. Additionally, you can select the “Live TV” option on the ABC app.

If you wish to watch the episode on other platforms, your options are HuluYouTube TVDirecTVXfinity, and Fubo TV. You can also view the latest episodes by renting or purchasing them on Google PlayiTunesYouTubeAmazon Prime VideoSpectrum on Demand, and Vudu.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 10 Spoilers

The tenth episode of ‘Bachelor in Paradise season 7 would be emotionally taxing for Chelsea, who has to deal with two men fighting over her. Aaron went off the rails at the sight of his date kissing Ivan, but that does not entitle him to claim her. Chelsea has to make the ultimate decision of choosing the man she likes. Things might get easier for Joe and Serena, who have comfortably acknowledged their growing feelings for each other. Other couples treading similar paths include Kenny/Mari and Riley/Maurissa.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 9 Recap

In the ninth episode of the seventh season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Kendall walked off the show as she finally came to terms with Joe’s feelings for Serena. New entries Demar and Ed went on their first dates with Chelsea and Natasha, respectively. Kenny and Mari’s night out was fulfilling for both of them, and they even admitted that they were falling in love with each other.

James tried to bring out Tia’s talkative side by asking questions about her life. Despite sharing a kiss, she didn’t know if she liked James or Blake. Her physical attraction to Blake was stopping her from committing to James. Meanwhile, Maurissa felt a lack of an emotional bond with Riley, but once they confronted each other, it was clear that he is falling for her. Moments later, the production was interrupted by a tropical storm which required everyone to evacuate as the cocktail party and rose ceremony had to be called off until the storm subsided.

However, the contestants were back on track soon enough, and it was finally time for decision-making. Tia put Blake through a final test of loyalty and commitment, but he wasn’t willing to put in the effort. Aaron and Ivan fought over Chelsea, who had been involved with both the men. Aaron was with Chelsea a few moments before he spotted her kissing Ivan. Therefore, it was only natural for him to lose his composure which unfortunately transitioned to a fight.

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