Backstreet Rookie Episode 10: Release Date & Streaming Details

Several things are happening, all at once, in ‘Backstreet Rookie’. Last week, we had seen Saet Byul moving in with Dae Hyun and his family. But Yeon Joo pays them a surprise visit and this leads to another misunderstanding between her and Dae Hyun. Now, Yeon Joo wants to take a serious step in her relationship, something that is revealed in this week’s episode. On the other hand, in episode 9, Dae Hyun also becomes the target of a scammer.

So, have you watched the show’s latest episode yet? If yes, you would know that it has currently finished airing nine episodes and is now all set to release the 10th part. But since ‘Backstreet Rookie’ is an SBS drama, here is a rundown on how you can catch its episodes online in the US.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 10 Release Date:

‘Backstreet Rookie’ Ep 10 will release on July 18, 2020, at 9 am ET on iQIYI. It will wrap up with its 16th episode on August 8, 2020.

Where to Stream Backstreet Rookie Episode 10 Online?

‘Backstreet Rookie’ releases two weekly episodes every Friday and Saturday on SBS. If you reside in Korea, you can simply watch the episodes on tv with the help of a cable subscription or online on the show’s official website. For viewers living outside Korea, the only viable option is to catch the released episodes on iQIYI, where the series is broadcast with multi-languages subtitles, including English.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 9 Recap

In ‘Backstreet Rookie’ episode 9, Choi Dae Hyun faces a major crisis, something that surpasses even the fact of losing his best employee, Jung Saet Byul. The kind, empathetic convenience store manager becomes the target of a scam artist. According to the scammer, Choi Dae Hyun had sold expired food. He calls up the headquarters of Dae Hyun’s company and threatens to lodge a complaint. The scammer pressurizes him to pay up, which causes Dae Hyun to go into a lot of stress. Of course, Jung Saet Byul observes everything and starts worrying about her boss. She even tells the visitor that Dae Hyun has his own ways of solving problems.

Meanwhile, both the mums of Dae Hyun and Yeon Joo meet up. The former is extremely excited about her son becoming a part of a rich, classy clan. Saet Byul, who leaves Dae Hyun’s house, is given shelter by her childhood friend Kang Ji Wook. But since the latter is an actor, the paparazzi click photos of the two together, leading to the birth of a new rumor. Saet Byul already knows that Yeon Joo had been lying to Dae Hyun and keeps a wary eye on her.

The above events raise many questions. Will Dae Hyun finally realize that his girlfriend is cheating on him? How will Saet Byul rescue her boss from the scammer? We are sure that the witty young girl has many tricks up her sleeve! But what new plan will she come up with now? NO SPOILERS! Watch the episode and get the answers!

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