Backstreet Rookie Episode 12: Release Date & Streaming Details

After Dae Hyun had quit working at Dae Hyun’s convenience store, we immediately started missing her radiant presence. But in a welcome turn of events this week, she makes a comeback as Manager Jung Saet Byul! The beaming girl soon gets to work and starts rearranging the shelves in her own signature style. So, have you watched the show’s latest episode yet? If yes, you would know that it has currently finished airing 11 episodes and is now all set to release the 12th part. But since ‘Backstreet Rookie’ is an SBS drama, here’s a rundown on how you can catch its episodes online in the US.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 12 Release Date:

‘Backstreet Rookie’ Ep 12 will release on July 25, 2020, at 9 am ET on iQIYI. It will wrap up with its 16th episode on August 8, 2020.

Where to Stream Backstreet Rookie Episode 12 Online?

‘Backstreet Rookie’ releases two weekly episodes every Friday and Saturday on SBS. If you reside in Korea, you can simply watch the episodes on tv with the help of a cable subscription or online on the show’s official website. For viewers living outside Korea, the only viable option is to catch the released episodes on iQIYI, where the series is broadcast with multi-languages subtitles, including English.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 11 Recap

In episode 11, we see that Dae Hyun is slowly moving on from Yeon Joo. It is good to witness that he is not pining anymore for someone who is not worthy of his loyalty. In the previous episode, Jeon Joo had broken up with Dae Hyun after realizing that he is not suitable for her. They come from completely different backgrounds and have nothing much in common. All this while, they had just been getting along even though there was no spark left in their relationship.

This week, we meet a very different Dae Hyun. He was previously drowning away his sorrows with alcohol but now, when Yeon Joo reaches the convenience store for some work, he receives her with a smile. At one point, Seung Joon also enters the store but then, Dae Hyun, who still does not know that his ex had cheated on him, talks to him warmly as well. Meanwhile, Saet Byul is seen with another man and Dae Hyun is not too happy with this new development.

The 11th episode makes some things pretty clear. Although we had believed that it would be difficult for Dae Hyun to get over a relationship that had lasted for so many years, he is now more concerned about Saet Byul. Saet Byul even gets a full-time position at Dae Hyun’s convenience store. We do know that she had joined the store as a part-time employee and had devised multiple tactics to become take up a permanent role. Currently, the offer comes to her from nowhere, and interestingly, it happens after Yeon Joo and Dae Hyun’s breakup. However, after seeing that Dae Hyun is not moping following the split, Yeon Joo’s ego is definitely hurt. And how this will affect the story will pan out in the next episodes.

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