Backstreet Rookie Episode 16: Release Date & Streaming Details

Welcome to our final preview session for ‘Backstreet Rookie’. Surprised? Sad? Well, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and this stands true for our favorite K-drama as well. The show is nearing its conclusion and is now all set to release its eventful finale. But since ‘Backstreet Rookie’ is an SBS drama, here’s a rundown on how you can catch its 16th episode online in the US.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 16 Release Date:

‘Backstreet Rookie’ Ep 16 will release on August 8, 2020, at 9 am ET on iQIYI.

Where to Stream Backstreet Rookie Episode 16 Online?

‘Backstreet Rookie’ releases two weekly episodes every Friday and Saturday on SBS. If you reside in Korea, you can simply watch the episodes on tv with the help of a cable subscription or online on the show’s official website. For viewers living outside Korea, the only viable option is to catch the released episodes on iQIYI, where the series is broadcast with multi-languages subtitles, including English.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 15 Recap

Last week, ‘Backstreet Rookie’ had stunned us with its multiple twists and turns. In fact, there were so many dramatic shockers that we started to become doubtful if the protagonists will end up together after all. Once Saet Byul confesses her feelings before Dae Hyun, he does not reciprocate. However, the bright, quirky girl still stays hopeful. She waits for him and eventually, her prayers are answered. Dae Hyun begins to express himself after Yoo Yeon Joo breaks up with him and insults his family.

However, there is another twist. When it just seemed that the lovers are about to get together, Yeon Joo changes her mind. She even apologizes for her past mistakes and says that she wants to come back to Dae Hyun’s life. But on a good note, the 14th episode wraps up with Dae Hyun meeting Saet Byul on the rooftop and expressing how special she is to him.

Episode 15 starts off by throwing the limelight on Dae Hyun’s mother, who is furious to know that her husband is with his first love. Meanwhile, Eun Byul, Saet Byul’s sister, takes an important decision regarding her future. After clearing her name, the finale will showcase her final choice — will she take up a different career path or return to the entertainment industry? We additionally learn why Saet Byul fell for Dae Hyun in the first place. She recounts her past when Dae Hyun proposes. We now know that Dae Hyun used to learn taekwondo under Saet Byul’s dad. But the finale should answer why he chose to quit the game when he was so good at it.

Before the star-crossed lovers seal their fate, we need some answers from the upcoming episode. Are Dae Hyun and Saet Byul really meant to be with each other? Or is their relationship ill-fated? What about Saet Byul’s father? Was Dae Hyun somehow connected to his death? We can’t wait for the finale to close these loose threads. Or is there a season 2? Fingers crossed!

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