Backstreet Rookie Episode 6: Release Date & Streaming Details

‘Backstreet Rookie’ continues to draw criticism because of viewers complaining about its bold scenes and appropriate display of sexual intimacy. But its ratings are rising with every new episode. On the story front, the show is upping its momentum as well. This week, Yeon-Joo is seen scheming her own agenda. It seems, she wants to play the villain between Dae-Hyun and Saet-byul. Meanwhile, Yeon-Joo is also getting signals from her boss and she loves to hang around with him. And still, she is not ready to give up on her boyfriend although their relationship has grown stale. Well, we will cover the details of the latest episode in our recap section. But since ‘Backstreet Rookie’ is an SBS drama, here is a rundown on how you can catch its episodes online in the US.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 6 Release Date:

‘Backstreet Rookie’ Ep 6 will release on July 4, 2020, at 9 am ET on iQIYI. The show releases two weekly episodes every Friday and Thursday. It will wrap up with its 16th episode on August 8, 2020.

Where to Stream Backstreet Rookie Episode 6 Online?

‘Backstreet Rookie’ releases two weekly episodes every Friday and Saturday on SBS. If you reside in Korea, you can simply watch the episodes on tv with the help of a cable subscription or online on the show’s official website. For viewers living outside Korea, the only viable option is to catch the released episodes on iQIYI, where the series is broadcast with multi-languages subtitles, including English.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 5 Recap

Last week, in ‘Backstreet Rookie’, we saw Yeon-Joo arriving at the exact moment when Dae-Hyun is giving Saet-byul a piggyback ride. What happened was, he had previously told Saet-byul that he will grant her a wish if she wins the employee of the month. And when she does, she asks for a piggyback ride. Although the ride was meant to last only for three seconds, Saet-byul denies getting off, and unfortunately, when the duo is arguing, Yeon-Joo lands in the convenience store.

Yeon-Joo, Dae-Hyun’s girlfriend, already does not like Saet-byul for being pretty and landing a job as a part-time employee in Dae-Hyun’s store. And now, she is furious after seeing the two apparently having such a good time — and that too in such close proximity. However, Yeon-Joo decides to act unfazed and even joins Dae-Hyun and Saet-byul for dinner. But Saet-byul is feeling awkward and is unhappy with the situation. Later, Saet-byul sits in an interview regarding her performance and having bagged the best employee award.

The above development definitely means that Saet-byul is getting closer to becoming a permanent employee. She had already helped the store progress by increasing its sales by three times. While Dae-Hyun is happy with his store’s success after having Saet-byul handling so many responsibilities, he is simultaneously struggling with his relationship with Yeon-Joo. He wants to be serious and is seeking a long-term commitment. But Yeon-Joo is not ready as she is highly insecure. On the other hand, he discovers that his ex-boss is interested in his girlfriend. Since the other man is more successful than him in terms of career and fortune, Dae-Hyun is frustrated after seeing the two together.

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