Banished from the Hero’s Party Episode 2: Release Date and Spoilers

‘Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside’ or simply ‘Banished from the Hero’s Party’ is a Japanese light novel series that inspires the fantasy slice of life anime of the same name. The show centers upon Red, a member of a powerful group called Hero’s party, who gets kicked out by his comrades.

Discouraged by the rejection, he decides to live a quiet life in the countryside, far away from battle and his painful past. But keeping his real identity is far more complicated than he thinks. The anime first premiered on October 6, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode.

Banished from the Hero’s Party Episode 2 Release Date

‘Banished from the Hero’s Party’ episode 2 is all set to release on October 13, 2021. It will air at various times on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS NTV, KBS Kyoto, and SUN in Japan. Wolfsbane and Studio Flad collaborated to develop the series, with Megumi Shimizu leading the writing staff and Makoto Hoshino helming the directorial team.

Yukari Hashimoto has handled the series music composition while Ruriko Watanabe has designed the characters. Yui Nishio sang the opening theme song “Iki o Sū Koko de Sū Ikiteku,” and JYOCHO performed the ending theme “All the Same.”

Where to Watch Banished from the Hero’s Party Season 1 Online?

‘Banished from the Hero’s Party’ season 1 is licensed for streaming outside Asia by Funimation. People with a subscription to the platform can head here to watch the anime. In Scandinavian countries, the series is accessible for streaming on Wakanim. Fans can reportedly also watch the show on Animelab in the near future.

How to Stream Banished from the Hero’s Party Episode 1 for Free?

In episode 1, Red realizes that his dream won’t be as easy to achieve as he had previously thought because he simply needs more money to start a shop. Meanwhile, Tanta is worried that he is yet to realizes his true blessing. The young boy is clueless that Red is proud of him for taking care of his father. The protagonist later recalls that he once used to be a hero who had Divine countless blessings.

Red thinks that it was the all-Mighty who had the power to grant people with these blessings, and he came to learn about it from one of his comrades. He remembers an instance from the past when his friend Ares testes his ability by inviting him to have a go at his barrier. The unexpected test puzzled the protagonist, who has fought many crucial battles with his comrade.

He recalls that he failed miserably to do any noteworthy damage to Ares’ shield, who reminded the protagonist of his brawl with Desmond before directly telling him that he is not worthy of being a member of the Hero’s party. Red, who was then called Gideon, did not wait for a moment and immediately left the group to forge his own path.

Episode 2 will show the frightening pace at which Demon Lord Taraxon and his forces razed down a fully functioning and independent kingdom to dominate a significant part of the entire continent ultimately. Meanwhile, Red, who has been dreaming of opening his own shop, will remember that he is destined to serve a greater purpose.

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