Barron Trump Net Worth

How much is Barron Trump worth? $4 billion

How did Barron Trump earn his money and wealth?

Barron Trump is the youngest son of President Donald Trump. His mother is Melania Trump. Trump was born Barron William Trump on March 20, 2006, in Manhattan, New York and has been nicknamed by his mother as “Little Trump” as he is just like his father, Donald Trump. He has the same love for suits as does his father. He also likes to wear a tie sometimes. He has had an exquisite sense of style since he was a small child and dresses unlike children of his age group. Barron has four other siblings and the oldest sibling is 29 years his senior. He is the first “first son” to live in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1961 after his father became the President. All the other Presidents prior to Donald Trump had daughters.

Barron studies at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School since his father became the President of the United States. He used to earlier study at the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School in Manhattan. Barron is bilingual as he knows how to read and speak in English as well as Slovene, his mother Melania’s native language. He speaks in Slovene with his grandparents who live near him.

Barron enjoys playing golf and indulges in the sport regularly. He is also interested in other sports as he is a ‘natural athlete’ and plays tennis, soccer, and baseball as well. His love for soccer is evident especially since he wore an Arsenal F.C. jersey and met D.C. United players during the Easter Egg Roll. He has also started playing as a midfielder in the U-12 team for D.C. United’s Development Academy. e is also said to be interested in fidget spinners and anime. In fact, he had even tweeted that he’d buy a Fidget Spinner Tricks Book and Meme Magic Secrets Revealed once he got his allowance.

Barron has lived all his life on the Trump Tower until he along with his mother, Melania moved to the White House in June 2017. At the Trump Tower, he had an entire floor to himself. Barron has appeared on television regularly due to his public appearances with his parents. He has also appeared in an episode of the reality game show “The Apprentice” and twice on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

Barron is active on social media and has a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account from where he shares pictures about his life with his family members.

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