Barry Season 3: Everything We Know

Created by Alec Berg and Bill Hader, the dark comedy series ‘Barry’ follows the path set by the likes of ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Dexter’ to give life to the titular anti-hero. The series follows a hitman who comes to Los Angeles to perform a job but finds himself in an acting class mentored by Gene Cousineau. While he reconsiders his life decisions and wants to leave his criminal life behind, he is dragged down by his criminal associates NoHo Hank and Monroe Fuches.

The HBO original show has gone on for two seasons after its 2018 premiere, receiving overwhelming critical and fan response in the process. After the cliffhanger ending of season 2, fans are left scouring the ends of the internet for an update. If you seek to know the release details and what’s in the room for ‘Barry’ season 3, we shall divulge to you what we know.

Barry Season 3 Release Date

‘Barry’ season 2 premiered on March 31, 2019, on HBO, with the season finale airing on May 19, 2019. The second season comprises eight episodes with runtimes ranging between 26-35 minutes per episode.

Let us now explore in detail the production of the third season of the fan-favorite tragicomedy. On April 10, 2019, weeks ahead of the second season’s finale, the show was renewed for a third season by HBO. The uncertainty brought forth by the pandemic caused many TV shows to be delayed indefinitely, and ‘Barry’ was one of them.

Production was slated to begin in April 2020 but was shut down after the first table read. In an interview with Collider, Stephen Root (who plays Monroe Fuches) suggested that filming would begin by January 2021, but that was not quite the case. However, in the meantime, the script for season 4 was completed ahead of the renewal, and HBO chief Casey Bloys is ready to place his bet on the fourth season. In an interview dated March 18, 2021, co-actor Henry Winkler stated that the production would resume in summer 2021. The situation is dire indeed, but if the filming begins and concludes on time, we hope ‘Barry’ season 3 to premiere sometime in March 2022.

Barry Season 3 Cast: Who is in it?

Season three of the TV drama will bring back the core cast of the series. Bill Hader will take up the titular role of Barry Berkman, an ex-Marine hitman and an aspiring performer. Stephen Root will essay the character of family friend Monroe Fuches, who proves to be a terrible influence on Barry. Sarah Goldberg will act as Sally Reed, Barry’s actor-girlfriend. Anthony Carrigan will act as struggling Chechen mafia boss NoHo Hank, alongside Henry Winkler, who will portray the character of Gene Cousineau, Barry’s acting mentor.

In other supporting roles, we will see Jessy Hodges (Sally’s agent Lindsay Mandel), Michael Irby (Bolivian mob leader Cristobal Sifuentes), Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Sasha Baxter, one of Gene’s students), and Andrew Leeds (Gene’s distant son Leo Cousineau). There will also be some guest appearances and a few new recurring roles, but the faces remain blurred before any official announcement.

Barry Season 3 Plot: What can it be About?

The second season of Barry ends on a down note as it sees the titular character on a killing spree. Even though Barry wants to show that he’s good at heart, he reveals himself as one of the bleakest anti-heroes on television. The season finale sees Gene stuck in police custody for the murder of Janice while Barry gets released. Sally’s performance unexpectedly grabs viewers’ attention.

Enraged by Fuches, Barry wreaks havoc on the gang, killing all the members sans Hank. In the final cliffhanger moment, Gene recollects his momentary conversation with Fuches and comes to realize Barry’s secret identity. The season ends with Gene saying “Oh my god” as the moment of epiphany descends upon him.

Regarding the third season, the creators are keeping all the cards up in their sleeves. While they haven’t divulged much, we can expect Barry will embrace his sinister side after the hell that he unleashed in the season finale. Now Gene knows the killer of Detective Moss, which will open up a lot of directions for the story. Gene may approach the police, or he may simply refuse to coach Barry further.

Given Gene is still the primary suspect in Janice’s murder, the former will be the more rational choice for Gene. Sally will, in all likelihood, achieve her dream to become a lauded actress. We are yet to see how the antagonism between Barry and Fuches pans out. Rest assured, the season will retain the branded madness and mayhem the show is known for.

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