Beat Bugs Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Beat Bugs is a British-Canadian-Australian animated children’s television series distributed internationally by Netflix with Grace: A Storytelling Company and Thunderbird Entertainment. The series is created by Josh Wakely, who has also directed it. The series originally premiered in Australia on 7TWO. The show has won an AWGIE Award in animation, an AACTA Award in the category of Best Children’s Television Series, and a Daytime Emmy Award in 2017. The series features music by the Beatles, as Wakely acquired worldwide rights from Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The show includes versions of popular rock group songs that are performed by contemporary recording artists and interwoven into the narrative.

Beat Bugs Cast: Who’s in it?

The following members have given voice to the characters:

Ashleigh Ball (as Jay): Jay is an ambitious, impulsive, and curious beetle. The singing voice for Jay is provided by Andy Bull.

Lili Beaudoin (as Crick): Crick is a creative and intelligent cricket, who is also famous for inventing. Singing voice for Crick is provided by SULLIVAN, Martha Marlow, and Julia Stone.

Charles Demers (as Walter): Walter is a theatrical slug. He has a big heart but excessive fear. The singing Walter is Daniel Johns, along with iOTA.

Rebecca Husain (as Buzz): Buzz is an enthusiastic and optimistic fruit fly. She is the youngest member of the group. Singing Buzz can be heard by Gossling.

Erin Mathews (as Kumi): Kumi is an imaginative and confident ladybug having a pure zest for life. She is very protective of her friends. Kumi sings through the voice of Lisa Mitchell.

Brain Drummond (as Postman Bee): Postman Bee, as the name already suggests, is a bee who is a postal worker. He is punctual and gets his deliveries right unless he is sad about something. He cares about his Granny Bee very much, who used to be a famous TV chef known for her Honey Pie. The singing voice of Postman Bee would be of Wesley Schultz.

Gwynyth Walsh (as Doris the Spider): Doris is an elderly spider who loves to decorate her garden with beautiful art pieces made from her webbing, and also various objects found in the backyard. She is a very wise arachnid, who teaches the other bugs to see the beauty in everything.

Peter Kelamis (as Geoff the Cockroach): Geoff is an opportunistic cockroach who considers himself as a realtor and a sleazy businessman, typically selling homes in the backyard to the residents. He is friends with Alex the Stinkbug. Dave Faulkner has given voice to the singing Geoff.

Fred Ewanuick (as Alex the Stinkbug): Alex is a bug that is always farting. His farts are powerful enough to power the machines built by Crick. He is very friendly but can be uncouth. He has befriended Geoff the Cockroach.

Beat Bugs Plot: What is it about?

The series basically revolves around five young insects which exhibit anthropomorphism. The insects live in a suburban backyard which is overgrown, and while having adventures, they learn life lessons. The series is ideal for five to seven-year od children. The insects that live in the overgrown suburban backyard call the place as “Village Green.” Wakely aims at teaching the kids with a hint of humour, but not in a patronizing way. So, that is why he was determined to interweave the songs by the Beatles, like ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and ‘Come Together’, in the narrative of a few episodes. But the one song, ‘All You Need is Love’, stands out for that is the main idea Wakely wants to portray.

Wakely shared in an interview that “On one level when I was hearing “All You Need is Love,” I constantly thought about just how perfectly it would work with a children’s series and the messaging within it. It was so pure, wonderful and ambitious. These ideas have been with me and stay with me for so long. By the time I had finally put pen to page, I had been thinking about it for quite some time.”

Beat Bugs Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Beat Bugs had an initial order of 52 segments; 26 half-hour episodes, which was then split into two 13-episodes seasons, ready for distribution. The episodes were provisionally classified as C (children’s) in Australia during 2014-15. Season 1 became available, with all its episodes on 3 August 2016 on Netflix in the United States. Season 2 premiered on Netflix on 18 November 2016.

After the second season, a 48-minute special episode with the title ‘Beat Bugs: All Together Now’ premiered on 21 November 2016 on Netflix. A second order of 52 segments with 26 half-hour episodes was ordered in Australia under C classification, in July 2018. The third season premiered on 9 November 2018. The other half section of the 52 segments is yet to begin production and premiere as season 4. We expect Season 4 to premiere sometime later in 2019.

Beat Bugs Trailer:

All the adorable episodes of Beat Bugs, along with the trailer, are available on Netflix.

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