Preview: Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Episode 3

Season 5 of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ is only two episodes in and the crew is already showcasing signs of intense drama. They have only had their first charter and our new entry, Lara, has definitely proved that she does not care for authority. While Lara continues to disrespect her boss, Hannah, the charter guests engage in drinking games, and Malia converses with her lover who is a chef on a yacht. Well, we will come to the details of episode 2 later. But before that, read on to gather some detailed insights on the next episode.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Episode 3 Release Date

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 5 Episode 3 will release on June 15, 2020, on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET/PT and 8 p.m CT.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Episode 3 Spoilers

The third episode is titled ‘The Italian’s Job’. As the crew prepares for their first night out of the season, romance is already in the air. Pete makes his move while Rob and Jess build a deep connection between themselves. Meanwhile, the second charter begins and we meet some guests who have ties to the music industry. According to Bravo, “But unforeseen circumstances immediately put the Wellington crew behind the eight balls. Meanwhile, Pete’s attitude forces Malia into a difficult confrontation, and tensions between Hannah and Lara take a surprising new turn.”

Where to Watch Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Episode 3 Online?

Of course, with a cable connection, you can watch the upcoming episode by tuning in to Bravo TV at the designated time slot. After the TV premiere, you can also catch up on the released episodes online on Bravo. Other live-streaming options include Fubo TV, Directv, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. You can live-stream the series on your digital devices, such as a computer, phone, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or another streaming device with one of the aforementioned services. Episodes are additionally available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Episode 2 Recap:

Lara begins her morning on a happy note since Hannah is not around to ruin her day. She starts with her breakfast service while Jessica prepares fresh orange juice for Captain Sandy. Lara informs Kiko that she has not yet taken the orders for eggs since Jess is still making juice. However, Jess points out that she does not need to delay her job until the juice is ready. Hannah is soon awake and learns from Jess and Kiko what Lara had been up to during breakfast time.

Kiko is late while cooking his lunch paella and Hannah finds Lara cleaning up the crew’s lunch when she should have been in the laundry. This leads to a furious argument between the two. Sandy announces that she will have dinner with the guests. The steaks turn out to be delicious and Sandy admires Kiko’s work. Pete and Malia get into a clash when the latter offers to help him out. But it seems the men on this yacht have issues taking orders from women. Malia expertly steers the 180-foot Wellington to dock and our first charter has officially ended.

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