Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 14 Release Date and Spoilers

In episode 13 of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ season 6, Lexi and Mathew indulged in a despicable verbal spat that disrupted the peace at their lay-off dinner in Croatia. Captain Sandy was notified of the events of the previous night that prompted her to make a drastic decision. To know how the episode progressed, take a look at the recap at the bottom. Now, let us check out everything ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ season 6 episode 14 might reveal!

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 14 Release Date

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ season 6 episode 14 will premiere on September 27, 2021, at 9 pm ET on Bravo. Each hour-long episode lands on the network every Monday. Ahead of its release on Bravo, the fourteenth episode premiered on Peacock on September 20, 2021, at 3 am ET.

Where to Watch Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 14 Online?

You can watch ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ season 6 episode 14 on Bravo at the date and time mentioned above. Apart from the television broadcast, it will also release later on Bravo’s official website. You can also access the episodes of the sixth season a week early on Peacock. Live-streaming options are additionally available on DirecTVFubo TVYouTube TVXfinity, and Sling TV. You can even buy/rent the episodes on iTunesVuduSpectrum on DemandGoogle Play, and Amazon Prime Video.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 14 Spoilers

The fourteenth episode titled ‘All I Need is a Miracle’ will mark the start of another chapter. As a new bunch of guests arrives with high expectations and hopes aboard Lady Michelle, it will be up to the crew to manage all their responsibilities without Lexi assisting them. Sandy will accompany the guests for dinner, which would put a lot of pressure on Mathew. He will be bound to create a dish that impresses the captain!

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 13 Recap

In episode 13, titled ‘A Hard Day’s Night,’ Lexi and Mathew started a fresh argument that escalated to an unbelievable extent. They abused each other, and Lexi went a notch higher by yelling that he “should’ve been aborted” by his mother. This ruined the mood of the dinner, and Courtney finally told them to get a hold of their tempers.

The next day, the matter was reported to Captain Sandy, who organized an intervention for Lexi and Mathew. After hearing both sides of the conversation, the captain decided to let Lexi go. Mathew was let off with a warning and a reminder of how so many people were desperate to have his job. So the least he could do was value his profession. In the meantime, Delaney walked out of Lady Michelle with a heavy heart which forced Katie to pick a replacement stew.

However, Katie was not ready to shake up the existing rapport between the crew members and so decided to manage with one less member on board. She was ready to bear the burden of handling two more charters before the season ends. Lastly, Sandy noticed Dave’s hot tub injury, which had caused a massive bruise on his thigh, and he was immediately discharged from his duties on the harness. Malia got told off for not having reported it to the captain.

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