Below Deck Season 8 Episode 5: Release Date And Streaming Details

The 4th episode of ‘Below Deck’ Season 8, titled ‘Do Not Disturb’, sees Eddie feeling overwhelmed after shouldering the entire responsibility of the deck crew. And he is totally frustrated with Shane’s repeated blunders. On the other hand, James attempts to build a bond with his fellow yachties. When several mistakes occur on the charter, Captain Lee is forced to take corrective measures.

More on that later. But if you are one among those ‘Below Deck’ addicts who are just done with the 4th episode, we bet you are all excited to know the wheres and whens of episode 5. Well, why the second thoughts? Here’s our detailed preview!

Below Deck Season 8 Episode 5 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Below Deck’ Season 8 Episode 5 is slated to premiere on November 30, 2020, on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET/PT and 8 p.m CT. It will be around 45 minutes long.

Below Deck Season 8 Episode 5 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘Champagne Wishes and Caviar Screams’. And here is the official synopsis for the episode as outlined by Bravo: “Shane tries to redeem himself after getting caught sleeping on the job. Meanwhile, Ashling excels in her duties on deck as Elizabeth suffers the scrutiny of Francesca. In the galley, Rachel is excited to finally have refined guests on board, but things are not always as they seem.” You can also watch its preview here.

Where to Watch Below Deck Season 8 Episode 5 Online?

Of course, with a cable connection, you can watch the upcoming episode by tuning in to Bravo TV at the designated time slot. After the TV premiere, you can also catch up on the released episodes online on Bravo. Live-streaming options include Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV (Bravo), Sling TV, or Directv. You can live-stream the series on your digital devices, such as a computer, phone, Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV. Otherwise, you can rent the episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

Below Deck Season 8 Episode 4 Recap:

Eddie is seen struggling with his deck crew that is quite inexperienced. While James was supposed to clean up after dinner, he wastes time talking with a charter guest. Of course, when Eddie sees the deck’s condition, he is furious. Rachel serves a delicious lobster breakfast and the guests demand that they want mac and cheese in the jacuzzi. Elizabeth agrees but Rachel does not have the ingredients in hand. This causes Francesca to lose her cool over Elizabeth.

The beach lunch does not go well either and most of the mistakes seem to be done by Elizabeth. Francesca is now doubtful of her stew’s abilities. Lee calls Eddie for a private meeting and the latter reveals that it is difficult to operate with an inefficient deck team.

The final day of the charter arrives and the college kids leave the yacht after a breakfast of duck confit and waffles.  They then give a tip of $1,000 per crew member. Lee holds a meeting and asks everyone to up their game. He points out that Eddie and Francesca are doing the majority of the work. He surmises that he is absolutely not okay with this! And everyone needs to be accountable.

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