Below Deck Season 9 Episode 1 Release Date, Cast and Spoilers

Conceived by Mark Cronin, Rebecca Taylor Henning, and Doug Henning, ‘Below Deck’ is a reality television show that attempts to transport the viewers to a luxury yacht. The lush series chronicles the lives of crew members onboard on a superyacht. The crew members, known as “yachties,” struggle to come to terms with problems in their personal lives to keep the boat and their careers afloat. Following its original premiere in July 2013, the fan-favorite guilty-pleasure series has spawned eight seasons, moving from one crew to another.

Season eight brought some fresh faces (and hands) on the deck of My Seanna for a taut competition, while Lee Rosbach returned as the captain. However, it has been a while since the season finale aired in February 2021, and you may be eager to find the whereabouts of the upcoming ninth installment. Well, let’s take a closer look at the release date and other details, along with how you can catch the premiere of ‘Below Deck’ season 9. Let’s set sail!

Below Deck Season 9 Episode 1 Release Date

‘Below Deck’ season 9 episode 1 is set to premiere on October 25, 2021, at 9 pm ET on Bravo. New episodes with an average runtime of 42 minutes are set to release weekly on Mondays.

Where to Stream Below Deck Season 9 Episode 1 Online?

You can watch ‘Below Deck’ season 9 episode 1 by tuning to Bravo at the above-mentioned time. In case you miss the television broadcast, you can also catch the show on Bravo’s official website and the Bravo app. Another way to watch the season is through Bravo on Hulu + Live TV. If you are keen on using live TV options, you may choose between Peacock TV, Fubo TV, DirecTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Xfinity Stream. Additionally, you can grab your favorite episodes or entire seasons on-demand on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and Microsoft Store.

Below Deck Season 9 Episode 1 Spoilers

The ninth season takes the viewers back to superyacht My Seanna, but the season packs several surprising developments. In the first episode, titled ‘One Step Closer to World Domination,’ the crew will head back to the deck to discover an unfamiliar face greeting them. As the initial shock withers, the team will have to face some difficulties adjusting to their lives on the sea.

Meanwhile, Heather will be given a challenging task, and her unyielding spirit may take a toll. Eddie, as much as others, will be busy dealing with the changes on the wheel. However, as a first officer, he will have to make the team go through all the new developments. The episode will see tensions building as the fate of the ship moves to uncharted waters. Rest assured, it will be a spectacular opening to an exciting season.

Below Deck Season 9 Cast: Who is in it?

The ninth season has a big surprise for fans, as Sean Meagher takes up captaincy alongside Captain Lee Rosbach, who is set to arrive a little late into the season. Series veterans Chef Rachel Hargrove and First Officer Eddie Lucas also return to enchant their fans with their charming personalities. The other cast members of season 9 are Heather Chase (Chief Stewardess), Fraser Olender (2nd Steward), Jessica Albert (3rd Stewardess), Jake Foulger (Deckhand), Rayna Lindsay (Deckhand), and Wes O’Dell (Deckhand).

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