Below Deck Season 9 Episode 4 Release Date, Time and Spoilers

Image Credit: Laurent Basset/Bravo

The third episode of ‘Below Deck’ season 9 opened with a problematic charter containing guests whose Whiskey obsession turned the first night into a nightmare. Even Captain Lee had to excuse himself from the intolerable atmosphere created by the hammered guests. Eddie met with the boss for a serious discussion that changed the layout of the crew. For more on the latest episode, head to the recap section. In case you are wondering when episode 4 will release and what we can expect from it, we have got you covered.

Below Deck Season 9 Episode 4 Release Date

‘Below Deck’ season 9 episode 4 will release on November 15, 2021, at 9 pm ET on Bravo. New hour-long episodes air on the network on a weekly basis every Monday.

Where to Watch Below Deck Season 9 Episode 4 Online?

You can watch ‘Below Deck’ season 9 episode 4 by tuning in to Bravo at the above-mentioned time. In case you miss the television broadcast, you can catch the show on Bravo’s official website and the Bravo app. Another way to watch the episode is through Hulu+Live TV. If you are keen on using live TV options, you may choose from Peacock TVFubo TVDirecTVSling TVYouTube TV, or Xfinity Stream. The ninth season is currently available on iTunesGoogle Play, and Microsoft Store. Additionally, you can watch your favorite episodes or entire seasons on-demand on Vudu and Amazon Prime Video (seasons 1 to 8).

Below Deck Season 9 Episode 4 Spoilers

Episode 4, titled ‘Pissed-On Chickens Can’t Compare,’ will continue the ensuing chaos in the yacht owing to the guests indulging in unrestrained alcohol abuse. Justin’s harsh words might end up hurting Heather and the rest of the crew. In such circumstances, Captain Lee will be expected to bring the situation under control. Jake will not be ready to take up his new role as the first deckhand, while Jessica will realize how exhausted she is over a troublesome charter!

Below Deck Season 9 Episode 3 Recap

A hungover crew prepared for their next charter in the third episode, titled ‘Bourbon Buffoonery.’ Surprisingly, Rayna Lindsey was not awkward about her last encounter with Jake Foulger. On the contrary, the deckhand felt a compulsion to disclose that Issa, the guy she had been texting, was not her boyfriend. Captain Lee gave a short briefing about the incoming charter guests, who were a group of real estate brokers from Seattle.

With around 24 hours left till the beginning of the next charter, Rachel cornered Eddie confronting him about their strained dynamic. However, Eddie refused to stretch the matter and instead apologized for behaving inappropriately in the previous season and also talking behind her back. Before the arrival of the guests, Heather informed the stews about her intentions of pushing them harder in order to improve their performance.

One of the guests named Justin started to exert his misplaced entitlement upon the crew, telling them how he could do whatever he wanted. Meanwhile, Eddie initiated a conversation with Captain Lee, who was eager to appoint Jake as the lead deckhand by the end of the interaction. In case he couldn’t handle his responsibilities, Eddie promised to hold himself accountable. In the other corner of the yacht, the guests were exercising their love for Bourbon by drinking in excessive amounts and swearing at each other.

Justin suddenly got offended about something and walked away, muttering curse words in his breath. The guests only got more drunk as the night progressed, and Captain Lee was also roped into the uneventful conversation that followed. As Fraser and Jessica bonded over their shared contempt for Heather‘s methods, Justin and Terri — the only women guest — got into a heavy brawl. Terri had called him out for misbehaving with Captain Lee, but Justin instead swore at Heather and ordered her to take Terri away.

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