Below Deck Season 9: Everything We Know

Created by Mark Cronin, ‘Below Deck’ is a reality TV series revolving around a crew that operates a multi-million dollar charter boat in the Caribbean. The superyacht houses a dedicated team of members who toil away day and night with the sole motive of keeping its brilliance alive. Despite their unyielding work ethic, personal issues come to the forefront, which primarily forms the show’s premise.

For the cast members, the key is to strategically work through personal problems to keep professionalism intact. Over its lengthy eight-season run, the show has attracted a decent fanbase that must be wondering about the ninth season. In case you are one of them, here’s everything you need to know about ‘Below Deck’ season 9!

Below Deck Season 9 Release Date

‘Below Deck’ season 8 premiered on November 2, 2020, on Bravo and concluded its 17-episodes-long run on February 22, 2021. More than its appealing premise of capturing life on a superyacht, viewers consider its diverse cast as the show’s unique selling point. Every member has something to offer, which adds more spice to the show.

As far as the next season is concerned, here’s what we know. The network is yet to confirm the renewal or cancellation of the show. However, fans would be delighted to know that the production for the ninth season of one of the highest-rated shows of Bravo took off around February 2021 and has seemingly wrapped up filming, as Captain Lee Rosbach spilled the beans in conversation with The Daily Dish on June 4, 2021. Called the filming of the ninth season “challenging,” he added that things positively worked out in the end, thanks to the support of the crew and the unusual guest-line up of the ninth installment.

Talking about the show’s beautiful journey, Captain Lee asserted, “Nine years, that’s pretty remarkable.” Taking everything into account, it is only a matter of days until the network officially announces the show’s return for season 9. If we look at the release pattern of its previous seasons, the newer ones have mostly premiered during the Fall of every year. Hence, if everything goes as planned, we can expect ‘Below Deck’ season 9 to release sometime in Fall 2021.

Below Deck Season 9 Cast: Who can be in it?

Season 8 of ‘Below Deck’ disappointed its viewers because of Kate Chastain’s absence as Chief Stew, and there are fewer chances that she will come back for season 9. In addition, stewardess Elizabeth Frankini and deckhand Shane Coopersmith get fired in the eighth season, which means that they have taken a permanent leave from the show.

Moreover, season 6 stew Josiah Carter was initially asked to replace Frankini, but Covid-19 derailed his plans for the same. So the final cast for season 9 may include Captain Lee Rosbach, Chef Rachel Hargrove, Chief Stewardess Francesca Rubi, Bosun Eddie Lucas, 3rd Stewardess Ashling Lorger, Deckhand Robert Phillips, Deckhand Avery Russell, and a few more. The ninth season might also introduce some new faces in the cast.

What can Below Deck Season 9 be About?

‘Below Deck’ mostly takes place in the Caribbean, excluding seasons 6 and 7, where the ship travels to Tahiti and Thailand, respectively. In season 8, it returns to the Caribbean, which means that the next season might be set there itself. The crew might decide to reuse one of their old yachts (Valor, Eros, Ohana, My Seanna, and Honor) or introduce a new one.

Captain Lee has also teased that season 9 will feature new crew members along with unusual guests leading to a unique experience. This somehow reminds us of season 8’s Great Gatsby-themed dinner, where a guest named Delores got far too ahead of herself. She defied the rules of the ship and ruined the entire decorum. Therefore, we might see something similar in the ninth installment.

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