Ben Affleck Net Worth

What is Ben Affleck Net Worth?: $130 million

How Did Ben Affleck Earn His Money and Wealth?

Born in 1972, Ben Affleck grew up surrounded by the people who worked in the arts and was a regular at attending theater performances. From the very beginning, Ben had decided to act professionally. He began to work hard on his line of interest from an early age at Cambridge and Latin School, where he met Matt Damon, his best friend, and future collaborator. His first ever stint at acting was a cameo role in a local independent film ‘The Dark Side of the Street (1981) at the age of 9. His first success as a child actor came with PBS series ‘The Voyage of Mimi’ (1984), a children’s series. He then debuted in films with 1992 sports-drama ‘School Ties’ starring Brendan Fraser in lead along with Matt Damon. He then appeared in a few commercially unsuccessful films like Richard Linklater’s ‘Dazed and Confused’ (1993), ‘Mallrats’ (1995) and ‘Glory Daze’ (1996).

Ben’s first critical success was 1997 indie film ‘Chasing Amy’. A low-budget production, ‘Chasing Amy’ co-starred Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams, whose performances overshadowed that of Ben’s. In the same year, he co-starred in Gus Van Sant’s ‘Good Will Hunting’ which he also co-wrote with Matt Damon, a script they sold for $600,000. The film proved to be his breakthrough and grossed $225 million making it his first major commercial success and also won him his first Academy Award (for Best Original Screenplay). This boosted up his career and he appeared in major profitable films after this. His next two appearances were in supporting roles in ‘Shakespeare in Love’, which grossed $290 million and Michael Bay’s Armageddon, which grossed $553.7 million. This established Affleck among most prominent actors in the industry.

His next few ventures didn’t do very well on box office except ‘Forces of Nature’ (1999), but critics did praise him for his acting. He collaborated with director Michael Bay for 2001 film ‘Pearl Harbor’. He again hit a jackpot as the film grossed almost $450 million worldwide and still remains his 4th-highest grossing film. But, the film was a critical failure and a series of acting blunders began for Ben after this. Several of his next projects failed like ‘The Third Wheel’ (2002) and ‘Paycheck’ (2003) were major critical and commercial failures. His ‘Sum of All Fears’ (2002) grossed $193.9 million and ‘Daredevil’ (2003), for which was paid $11.5 million, made $179.2 million on box-office making them profitable hits, but they weren’t much of help for Ben as he was heavily panned for his acting, and Ben became a regular name at Golden Raspberry Awards (which honor the worst).

He finally jumped back on track with 2006 film ‘Hollywoodland’ which earned him a Golden Globe nomination; and was paid $2.8 million, less than half of what he was charging earlier. He emerged as a fine director with ‘Gone Baby Gone’ (2007) and his 2009 film ‘He’s Not Just Into You’ made $178.8 million on box office. His next directorial venture in which he also starred, ‘The Town’ grossed $154 million worldwide. Affleck rose to his best ever received acclaim with his 2012 film ‘Argo’. He not only starred in it but also directed and co-produced it. The film made $232.3 million on box office and earned Affleck a Golden Globe and BAFTA for Best Director (establishing him as a proficient director of Hollywood) and won Best Picture at 85th Academy Awards.

From there on, Affleck has only received praise for his versatility and has delivered many successful films. He starred in 2014 film ‘Gone Girl’ which grossed $369.3 million and was cast as DC Comics superhero Bruce Wayne/Batman for multiple DCEU films. His first as the dark knight, ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (2016) registered a record-breaking opening and went on to become his most commercially successful film till date, grossing $873.6 million worldwide. Also, though negatively received by critics, Ben was very well received by fans as Batman, some even deeming him the best thing about the film. The same year he starred in ‘The Accountant’ which made $155.2 million against a $44 million. He reprised his role as Batman in 2017 film, ‘Justice League’ which has grossed $646.7 million till date and is still running in theaters worldwide. Ben has seen his worst days and has definitely emerged more sincere and learned and has taken his career to unexpected heights. His upcoming DC films are projected to be big box-office hits and his directorial ventures are always enjoyable to watch.

What are the highest grossing movies of Ben Affleck?

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: $873.6 Million
2. ‎Justice League: $646.7 Million
3. ‎Armageddon: $553.7 Million
4. ‎Pearl Harbor: $449.2 Million
5. ‎Gone Girl: $369.3 Million
6. ‎Shakespeare In Love: $289.3 Million
7. ‎Argo: $232.3 Million
8. ‎Good Will Hunting: $225.9 Million
9. ‎The Sum Of All Fears: $193.9 Million
10. ‎Daredevil: $179.2 Million

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