10 Best Movie Sex Scenes of 2018

Sex scenes are difficult to act and shoot. It’s very important not to go overboard or underperform it. The actors need to shun their inhibitions and do something private and intimate in front of people, keeping the camera out of their mind. For a good sex scene, the acting needs to be good anyway, but other than that, it’s very important to write the scene well, and time it perfectly in the screenplay. Not to mention the lighting, the editing and the choreography are important as well. Every year, you will find plenty of examples of a bad sex scene. These are the scenes where sex is just used to create interest, get good publicity or titillate the viewers. But today’s list comprises of love-making scenes that got it right.  Here’s the list of hottest sex scenes of 2018. We will keep adding new movie sex scenes from 2019 to this list.

10. Rachel and Nick Make Out – Crazy Rich Asians

One of the most important ingredients of a good romantic comedy is conflict, obstacles that prevent the central couple from either becoming a couple, or living boringly ever after, or both. The obstacles need to be plausible and ideally somewhat original. ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ have that in spades thanks to the customs and rules surrounding the lead character’s family, which, I’d venture to guess, are just as new to most of us as they are to Rachel. And the movie offers so much more than that. It’s smart, inventive, and genuinely funny.

Constance Wu provides her audience with a wind of emotion and culture. Her pride that she’s carrying within the film shows strength and courage, which is a wonderful message to send to women in the world. The battle she faces with the mother of the man she loves is heartbreaking. She doesn’t have many intimate moments with her boyfriend, so the one scene where she gets intimate is very essential to the plot. Nick shows his well-built body and Rachel is cute. The scene, on the whole, is shot well.

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9. Sean and Stephanie Sex Scene – A Simple Favor

‘A Simple Favor’ is the story of Stephanie. As the movie opens, we see Stephanie doing her “Hi, Moms!” vlog, where she informs us that her best friend Emily now has been missing for five days. We then go back in time to start from the very beginning, how Stephanie meets Emily, how they became friends and henceforth. Emily, married to Sean, seemingly couldn’t be more different from Stephanie, but the two hit it off and soon they are exchanging confessional secrets, which are mostly sex secrets. One day, Emily asks Stephanie for a favor, namely to pick up her son from school, which Stephanie is happy to do. The only problem is that Emily doesn’t show up and seemingly has disappeared.

The film has decent performances from the lead cast Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick, and Henry Golding, and this scene is no different. Sean making out with Stephanie is an important moment, obviously, since Emily is missing, not dead. It also hasn’t been long since this happened, and Sean and Stephanie decide to share their grief and confusion by making out. This opens up a new dynamic between the two characters and plays a major part in progressing the film forward.

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8. Colette and Missy Make Out – Colette

‘Colette’ is a biographic period piece about a very young woman, played by Keira Knightley, who marries a much older man who financially exploits her writing talents, at the same time he is incessantly unfaithful to her. It is easy to feel bad for Colette, and we do, but her eventual triumphs in the midst of her struggles are the real story here. And, in fact, I would say that both her creative spirit and her marital struggles lay the foundations for her successes. Colette is happily married to Willy, however, he locks her in the room so she will write the novels he takes credit for.

She slowly comes to the knowledge that his fame is really hers and slowly finds herself and has the guts to leave him. Amidst all this, Colette embarks on an affair with Missy, a masculine-dressing lesbian, who is the niece of Napoleon III. The couple shares interest in the theatrical art and their conversation leads to a very intimate scene where Colette brakes all the shackles and goes to undress Missy. The scene progresses slowly until a point where the couple ends up satisfying each other you know how. The scene establishes sexual contempt that Colette achieves, along with enabling her to explore herself in a way she never could inside the four walls of her marriage. From then, the film goes on to discover Colette’s life and her bigger achievements.

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7. Sofia and Marc Sex Scene – In Darkness

Many previous films have fallen into the trap of over-complication and it has almost always harmed them. Unless you are Christopher Nolan who seems to be able to simplify even the most complex of story-lines, you really shouldn’t try too hard in that respect. ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ is a prime example of that. It got so complicated that it was no longer fun. ‘In Darkness’ is very similar. You’re working so hard to keep up with everything that you’re never actually able to just sit back and enjoy yourself. The movie is made with some nice style and I liked the amount of ambition that went into it. It wasn’t done on the cheap and nasty, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, though it just didn’t really work for me. That being said, Natalie Dormer is brilliant in this movie, you feel pain, her sadness, and her strength. The shower scene was hyped a lot, but it’s not like anything we haven’t seen before. But still, Natalie manages to light up this scene with her sexiness. Her character Sophia has sex with Marc. We see Natalie nude long time after and I guess that my soft side for has made me place this scene this top. It deserves this spot just for the pure hotness of the scene.

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6. Alice and David Have Sex – Widows

The plot of the movie opens with a fairly by the books heist gone wrong. Of course, the actual heist just serves as a plot device for the real meat of the film. The real story revolves around the widows Veronica, Linda, Amanda and Alice, who are trying to manage their lives after their loss. The women are thrust into a life they don’t understand to salvage what is left of their families. Veronica, who’s the wife of the master planner Harry, discovers his notes and decides to finish the heist with the help of Linda and Alice.

Alice, as part of her plan, has to have a not so plutonic relationship with David, a real-estate executive in order to get the blueprint. While she’s in this process, the couple has intimate intercourse, where David proposes a rather more “exclusive” relationship, implying a serious commitment and Alice agrees. Alice gets naked but the couple is interrupted by Veronica. The scene is essential because it happens just one month after Alice is widowed, and Veronica points out the same. While Alice defends herself by citing the purpose she’s fulfilling, Veronica doesn’t buy into that, and the two end up fighting. This scene implies Alice’s mindset at that point in time and leads to an interesting dynamic between Alice and Veronica.

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5. Sex Before the Battle – Outlaw King

Robert Bruce is forced into a truce with England, and when his father dies, he must decide if he is going to betray his honor and rebel against England or suffer under English rule. This film does a good job of exploring the character of Robert Bruce, and Pine does a solid job of showing us the moral struggles he faces. “freedom” has a cost and he is aware of the price Scotland will pay. Other than Bruce, the other characters are somewhat forgettable. Rebecca Robin is very good as Bruce’s wife Margaret, but her role is not expanded on enough. However, her relationship with Robert represents the romantic side of him. The scene comes right after Robert challenges his enemy king for a dual, instead of a war. The army is unsure since the enemy is touted to be a beast, while Robert displays confidence.

The night before the dual, the army is feasting, music is on, everyone is upbeat and Robert himself is upbeat. He takes a tour of the camp, takes some wine for his queen while joking around. The two sit down, have a laugh or two, and talk about the challenges to come. This is the highest point of their togetherness, with Robert involving her in his plan by saying “we”. Elizabeth takes him into the tent, undresses and they have sex. The scene looks realistic, with little details. Like Elizabeth getting pricked by a dry leaf on the bed while laying down. Robert then uses the leaf as a tool, and the two have a giggle about it. One more thing that stands out is that they never kiss properly during the entire scene. It’s just textbook old school sex.

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4. Lord Darnley Goes Down on Mary – Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

‘Mary Queen of Scots’ is a highly dramatized account of the 16th Century events surrounding Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I two of the most powerful and influential women, not only of their time but of all time. As cousins, the two share a very respectful and adorning attitude and relationship, although never meeting according to the pages of history books, Mary Queen of Scots amps us drama for a fateful face-to-face between the two. Queen Elizabeth I is a reserved and alienated woman whose fate was almost succumbed to smallpox. Embarrassed and hidden underneath the many layers of white makeup to hide her smallpox scars, Elizabeth is riddled with sadness and tragedy.

On the other hand, Young Mary, widowed and eighteen by the time she claims her position as Queen in Scotland, is free-spirited, understanding and audacious. Embracing the many facets of a colorful and diverse world, including homosexuality, Mary’s beliefs, and perspectives may be a little too liberal in a 16th Century world. Yet, we are manipulated into believing anything, especially when the actress portraying her is giving a good performance. Her sex scene with Lord Darnley gives a good representation of her character and an idea of how good the acting is.

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3. Bathtub Scene – A Star is Born (2018)

The movie is based on and is most powerful at tremendous moving music written and the beautiful songs that of course is in the running for an Oscar this year. The story is solid and Bradley really had a great and well-studied vision of it. He shines, in terms of filmmaking and acting. Gaga does a mediocre job for her debut as an actress. But the chemistry between both which is amazing. The story is about an alcoholic rock star coaching and mentoring a budding singer. The two, Jackson and Ally, have a romantic relationship, which is the foundation of the story.

In this scene, Jackson and Ally have sex after a failed initial try due to the fact he’s too under the influence of alcohol. However, Cooper as a director isn’t interested in that detail of their connection, and clearly, neither are we as the audience. The scene isn’t that lengthy, it’s not explicit, and it’s more the suggestion of intercourse thanks to nude kissing at the most. What’s more important here is the accumulation, and the fundamental bond that Jackson and Ally have, and the intimate approaches they act on it without being in the bedroom. And when it does reach the bedroom, well bathroom actually, the couple display great chemistry and the scene offers a very good look into the intimate relation of the two. The scene is so well placed in the script, that it deserves this spot.

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2. Abigail Sees Queen Anne and Lady Sarah Having Sex – The Favourite (2018)

As the film opens, Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) is deciding whether to continue a war with France after an English victor or sue for peace. Her natural inclination, and that of opposition leader Robert Harley (Nicholas Hoult), is for peace, but her influential friend and Keeper of the Privy Purse Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz), wife of Lord Marlborough (Mark Gatiss), wants to prosecute the war to the bitter end. During negotiations, a dirty but charming Abigail (Emma Stone) arrives seeking employment in Lady Sarah’s household. Things get complicated when Abigail discovers Queen Anne and Lady Sarah’s dirty little secret and uses it to her advantage to get closer to the Queen.

Abigail and Lady Sarah engage in a private war for the Queen’s affection, while Robert Harley and Samuel Masham (Joe Alwyn) conspire to use Abigail to get closer to the Queen, who only has time for one friend, I guess. Who will become the Queen’s favorite? ‘The Favourite’ answers all these questions. As I said, Abigail discovers a dirty secret, and the dirty secret is that Lady Sarah is not just the Queen’s companion, confidant and friend, she also satisfies the Queen’s sexual need. Abigails sees them having an intimate moment in the library, and this is where the plot becomes interesting. The scene is not only well shot, but it also paves way for the story to progress, so I’ve decided to place it so high on the list.

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1. Ronit and Esti Go Rogue – Disobedience (2018)

‘Disobedience’ offers a great story about suppression and discrimination that is more than relevant and important these days. It is directed by one of the most interesting international directors, Sebastian Leilo. The two leading roles are perfectly cast with two actresses who not only share the same first name but also have wonderful chemistry. Both Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams give fantastic performances that really stick with you and especially McAdams goes beyond the kind of characters and roles she usually does and it is great to see her in a character that develops very well throughout the film. Weisz is also fantastic, and I love how brave and picky she is with roles these days.

The film is tense and gripping whenever the screen is shared by the two Rachels and quite a chore when it isn’t. You can actually sense a history between them from the moment they are in the same room and it only gets more riveting from that point onwards. The sex scene helps a lot in this aspect. Remember Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in ‘Black Swan’? This one trumps that scene. It can be placed on the top of the sexiest lesbian scenes of recent times, probably a few notches below ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’. At one point, we even get two see one of them spitting into the other’s mouth. Now whether you find that gross or sexy depends on you.

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