12 Best TV Sex Scenes of All Time

TV shows mostly work with the blend of three things: action, comedy, and the most effective one, sex! We do wonder if Game of Thrones would have been so popular without its explicit sex scenes. Anyway, today we have put together a list of the best sex scenes in TV shows or series. On this list, you will find True Detective sex scenes as well as House of Cards sex scenes.

12. Game of Thrones (Season 1, Episode 2)

When we first saw Dan being sold away by his brother to a Dothraki Khal, we thought this was the beginning of the worst marriage in the history of worst marriages of all TV shows. But the scene they share in this episode changed it all. They connected physically and emotionally considerably well, given how their marriage began! Seven seasons in and this scene still remains one of the very best.

 11. Orange Is The New Black (Season 2, Episode 6)

Ask a man about his lesbian-love fantasy, now try to visualize it….you can’t? Well, no problem because we almost got an exact same scene in Episode 2 of Season 6 in ‘Orange Is The New Black’. It is a very sensual scene where Poussey and her German girl-friend fail perfectly at making love in a very cute way! An otherwise perfect sex scene is ruined by Poussey’s girlfriend’s dad when he interrupts them.

10. True Detectives(Season 1, Episode 2)


Now, this is one of my favorite scenes from this TV show. Woody Harrelson and Alexandra Daddario give a steamy performance in this one. Although Woody plays a substantial role in making the Season 1 of True Detective a hit, Alexanadra solely carries this scene. Woody’s character’s hands are tied while Alexandra spices things up, this is as hot as it gets. This scene alone was better than the whole Season 2!

9. Girls(Season 4, Episode 1)

Girls was an instant hit because of the relativity it provided towards one’s real-life scenarios. There was not much hype around during the release of season 4. People say that the director went too far with this one, but then again exploring one’s limit and not being bound by any limitations is what makes a plot good. I won’t depict anything about the scene(watch for yourself!), but it definitely goes without saying that directors these days don’t shy away from expressing themselves.

8. Master of Sex (Season 2, Episode 12)

‘Master of Sex’ is a TV show for sybaritic people. It’s a TV show where two people make a living by watching others have sex, yes, you read that correctly. Now, this scene barely involves sex yet it is so coruscating, that you can’t turn your eyes away. The lead characters blend perfectly into the theme of this TV show. It’s a true roller-coaster ride that leads up to this scene.

7. Grey’s Anatomy (Season 2, Episode 27)

This is the most emotionally charged hookup scenes in Grey’s history in my opinion. Meredith and Derek, two lead characters steal glances at each other over their dates’ shoulders all night. Finally(like we all knew), they sneak away to have a heated exchange, which ends in them getting it on. Grey’s Anatomy is not the same today as we know it used to be, but it is because of moments like such that we still continue to watch it.

6. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (season 10, episode 13)

Let me make things clear, no sex is shown on-screen. But if you’re a true fan of ‘Friends’ TV show…hell if you have even watched this TV show then you’ll know the significance of this scene. It was showed as if it was a final good-bye sex between Ross and Rachel, but fortunately, it wasn’t. The scene starts at a point where they wake up after having sex, it is the end of all on-and-off relationship complications between the duo. It feels like the beginning of something, it feels like the end of something. Watch it and you’ll know how this makes it into my top ten.

5. House of Cards (Season 1, Episode 7)

This is even hotter than the sex scene from ‘True Detectives’ that I mentioned above. Frank pays a visit to a journalist’s place. Frank performs oral sex on the lady while she is talking with her father on phone. Surprising enough? Well get this, Frank ends with “Arent you gonna wish me a Happy Fathers Day?”…..I almost feel filthy writing about it! It only gets weirder after this in terms of scenes related to sex.

4. Sense8 (Season 1, Episode 1)

A very bold TV show when it comes to depicting intimacy. This specific scene takes place in a dreamy yet muddled apartment. Nomi and Amanita indulge themselves in flaming-hot sex. ‘Sense8’ proudly portrays same-sex love and we love the way they show it. This scene will surely hook you with this TV show. Sad for us that Netflix canceled this gem of a TV show after only 2 seasons!

3. House of Cards (Season 2, Episode 11)

Remember how I said House of Cards only gets weirder, this is an example of that. Head of Security Meechum cuts his hand accidentally, so Claire bandages him while they get drunk. One thing leads to another after Frank joins them and guess what? They end up kissing each other and then to bed. We love to hate such scenes!

2. The Tudors (Season 1, Episode 10)

If this is what England looked like in the 16th century, then we need to assemble a group of smart theoretical physicists to build a time machine. There is this King Henry who has six wives. This specific scene involves Anne Boleyn, played by very beautiful Natalie Dormer. The hotness level skyrockets on so many different levels. If you like ‘Game of Thrones’ then you like ‘The Tudors’ too.

1. Game of Thrones (Season 7, Episode 7)

I, you, my neighbors, your neighbors, my dog and every other creature on this planet saw this coming. Okay, that was exaggerated. One of the greatest TV show of all time offered the fans with something unexpected yet something that they’ve desired. Khaleesi (Dan) and Jon Snow had it coming since the beginning of this season. The way they shared screen the whole season is how it all began. Them having sex makes your heart happy, and then you realize they’re family (meaning incest). Then, you don’t know how to feel about it.

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