5 Best Superhero Movies Not Based on Comic Books

Whenever you watch a superhero movie, you assume that it would be based on some comic-book. Beyond the world of Batmans and Supermans, there’s also a world of superheroes in movies that are not actually based on any comic-book. These superheroes are not as popular as their comic book counterparts — because of  obvious reasons — but that doesn’t mean they are not fun to watch. Since these superheroes have been created from scratch, nobody knows what to expect. And that’s why they offer something completely different altogether. Here’s the list of top superhero movies not based on comic books.

5. The Toxic Avenger (1984)


The first one on this list is a B-grade action horror fest, laced with women in skimpy clothing and gut busting fight sequences. In short, it’s so bad that it’s good !! ‘The Toxic Avenger’ is the story of a nerdy janitor who achieves super human powers, after falling into a vat of toxic materials. While the town is infested with ruffians who terrorize the citizens, he takes it on himself to cleanse the city. A sleazy gore-fest, initially this was ignored by moviegoers, only to turn into a cult classic, spawning sequels and even a successful musical.


4. Hancock (2008)


A superhero, pitch drunk and oblivious to the fact that he regularly causes damage to the public properties goes for an image makeover. But there’s another superpower in the vicinity, the yang to his yin. The catch is- While the two remain together, they lose powers. Will Smith plays the eponymous character with style and brings the house down with his antics. Watch out for the scenes between him and Jason Bateman. This movie was a global blockbuster as it showed a new side of the typical superhero fare.


3. Unbreakable (2000)

The Unbreakable

Perhaps M. Night Shyamalan’s one of the finest works till date, ‘Unbreakable’ is the story of a man looking for answers for his unimaginable powers. When a horrific train accident kills everyone on board, except one man who escapes without a scratch on his body, he starts looking for answers. To aid him, another mysterious person joins him in his quest who helps him to understand his powers as well as its importance to his existence. The movie questions the age old fact that whether good and evil need each other to exist. Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson lead in this good vs bad battle.


2. Darkman (1991)


It’s said that Sam Raimi wrote his own version of superhero, after being refused the rights of Batman. ‘Darkman’ is the story of a scientist who gets badly disfigured in an acid attack. To avenge himself, he uses one of his inventions of creating synthetic mask resembling any face on earth for 100 minutes. Sam Raimi’s writing was heavily influenced by Batman. The scene where one of the informants pleads for his life as he has told him everything, Darkman calmly says:“I know you did…But let’s just pretend, you didn’t…” feels like a little tribute to the Dark Knight himself. Liam Neeson was pretty new on the circuit when he did ‘Darkman’ and he did a swell job. Watch it if you haven’t.


1. The Incredibles (2004)


We’ve had enough superheroes who have been introduced to us by this time; some lost, some remained. We’ve had heroes who can fly, who can run and even one who can fight crimes despite being blind. At such a moment, Pixar gave us something to be drooled upon as it had given with ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘The Incredibles’. Filled with adorable outlooks of the characters, which include Mr. Incredible (who has immense strength), Elastigirl (who can stretch her body up to any limits), Dash and Frozone, we saw director Brad Bird more concerned with the originality of the superpowers, which was probably missing. Being the only animated film to make to this list, ‘The Incredibles’, by its visual wonders and cut-throat competition between heroes and villains, is really “incredibly” smart.

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