Better Things Season 6: Renewed or Cancelled?

Image Credit: Pamela Littky/FX

Created by Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K., ‘Better Things’ is a heartwarming comedy-drama TV series. Partially based on Adlon’s life, it follows Sam Fox, a divorced actress who struggles to raise her three daughters – Max, Frankie, and Duke – while trying to manage her work projects as well as her slightly eccentric mother side-by-side. As a brutally honest Sam explores single parenthood, she gets to know each of her children better and gradually balances her family life with the challenges of working in the fast-paced entertainment industry.

Ever since the show debuted on September 8, 2016, it has garnered a lot of praise for its well-written narrative as well as the subtly humorous portrayal of family dynamics and middle-age woes. Not just that, the stellar performances by the cast members have received several prestigious award nominations and also two wins. After a successful fifth season, fans are now curious to know if their beloved characters will be returning once more after all. Without further ado, here is everything we can tell you about the potential season 6!

Better Things Season 6 Release Date

‘Better Things’ season 5 landed on February 28, 2022, on FX, with the finale airing on April 25, 2022. The fifth installment has a total of ten episodes with a duration of 20-48 minutes each.

Now, let’s talk about the sixth installment of the show. Unfortunately, this is the last viewers will be seeing of Sam Fox and her hilarious tribe, as the fifth season is the final round of the series. In October 2021, creator Pamela Adlon confirmed that the show is ending. She shared, “I will forever be grateful to FX for allowing me to tell stories the way I see the world and want the world to be seen…Making this show has been film school for me. I bow down to my crew and my cast. And I can’t wait for people to discover and re-discover ‘Better Things.’ This is gonna be a wrap on Sam Fox (for now). See you at the after-party.”

Season 5 serves as the show’s final chapter and focuses on what the future holds for Sam and her family. Thus, despite the rave reviews it has received from fans and critics alike, there is hardly any scope for another season as the final one gives fitting conclusions to the characters’ story arcs. To thank the audience for their immense love and to express her gratitude for her team, Pamela shared a sweet Instagram post to bid adieu to the show in April 2022. Keeping all the above points in mind, it is unlikely that ‘Better Things’ season 6 will get made. 

However, in case the makers wish to create a reboot or a spin-off of the series in the future, fans may get to see their favorite characters once again. But how strong those chances are depends upon the plans of the production team and the network. For now, we shall have to reconcile with the fact that the comedy drama has come to an end.

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