Big Brother Season 23 Episode 16: What to Expect?

In episode 15 of ‘Big Brother’ season 23, Sarah Beth and Britini were freaking out over Derek X’s decision to put them on the block, but the HoH had other plans in mind. It turned out that both of them are pawns, and his eyes have been on Christian the whole time. To know the result of the Veto competition this week, there is a recap that will provide an in-depth summary. Now, here is everything that ‘Big Brother’ season 23 episode 16 might reveal!

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 16 Release Date

‘Big Brother’ season 23 episode 16 will release on August 12, 2021, at 8 pm ET on CBS. New episodes land on the network every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The runtime of each episode of the show is approximately 60 minutes.

Where to Watch Big Brother Season 23 Episode 16 Online?

You can watch ‘Big Brother’ season 23 episode 16, as and when it airs, on CBS at the aforementioned date and time. If you miss the television premiere, you can stream it later on CBS’ official website and the CBS app. Additionally, you can watch the episode on Paramount+YouTube TVFubo TVDirecTV, and Google Play. Fans in Canada can watch ‘Big Brother’ season 23 on Global TV. If none of these options are viable, you can buy/rent the episodes on Apple TVAmazon Prime VideoVudu, and iTunes.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 16 Spoilers

In the sixteenth episode of ‘Big Brother’ season 23, the Veto Ceremony will commence, and Derek X. will have to decide whether to put Christian on the block. After experiencing a barrage of threats, it seems as if Derek X. might change his mind putting the rest of the Houseguests in danger of being nominated.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 15 Recap

In episode 15, Derek X. declared that both of his nominees – Sarah Beth and Britini – are pawns. Derek X. also told Sarah Beth that she does not have much to worry about because Christian is the target. Alyssa and Claire reassured Sarah Beth that they would use the Veto on her in case they win. For the competition, Derek X., Britini, Sarah Beth, Alyssa, Claire, and Kyland were the ones picked. The backyard was redesigned into a gym-like setup, and the players doing the most reps would be the winner as they flit across one equipment to the other.

Every person eliminated could seize the reward earned by one of the previously eliminated players during the activity. Claire, the first one to drop out, was awarded the golden Power of Veto. Sarah Beth bagged $5,000 on being the next one to lose. Kyland won a unitard punishment that he handed over to Claire and then claimed the Veto. When Derek X., the next one to be eliminated, asked for Sarah Beth’s $5k, she pleaded with him not to do so, which then prompted him to seize the Veto.

The power remained with Derek X. only until Britini bagged the top spot, which allowed her to grab the Veto. Derek X. was thrilled to throw Christian under the bus, but when Alyssa found out, she told Derek X. it’s a stupid move. Even Xavier requested the HoH to keep Christian off the block. Before the Veto meeting, Christian piled on the HoH with a series of threats to ensure he doesn’t get nominated. Derek X. wasn’t sure what to do anymore.

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