Big Brother Season 23 Episode 28: What to Expect?

In episode 27 of ‘Big Brother’ season 23, the Veto competition took place, and the existing nominations were swapped. Tiffany had to explain herself to Claire, although she didn’t find out about the Cookout. Xavier was not happy about the result of the Veto. If you’re not aware of the latest happenings, go to the recap. Now, you can skim through the details for ‘Big Brother’ season 23 episode 28, here!

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 28 Release Date

‘Big Brother’ season 23 episode 28 will release on September 9, 2021, at 8 pm ET on CBS. The current iteration of the show has 37 episodes in total. New episodes usually arrive on the network every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The runtime of each episode is approximately 50-60 minutes.

Where to Watch Big Brother Season 23 Episode 28 Online?

You can watch ‘Big Brother’ season 23 episode 28, as and when it airs, on CBS at the aforementioned date and time. If you miss the television screening, you can stream it later on CBS’ official website and the CBS app. In addition, you can watch the episode on Paramount+YouTube TVFubo TVDirecTV, and Pluto TV. If none of these options are viable, you can buy or rent the episodes on Apple TVAmazon Prime VideoVuduGoogle PlayMicrosoft Store, and iTunes. Fans of the show in Canada have the option to watch ‘Big Brother’ season 23 on Global TV.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 28 Spoilers

In the twentieth-eighth episode, we might witness the next eviction session. With Claire and Xavier on the block, it seems like the former might leave the house. If she does, the Cookout will inevitably be exposed. Although Tiffany denied being a part of an alliance, Claire would find out anyway.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 27 Recap

The twenty-seventh episode of ‘Big Brother’ season 23 kicked off after the nomination ceremony, with Tiffany confirming that Alyssa is the target. She was unaware of Tiffany’s plan, while Xavier was disappointed in her. He wanted to save Alyssa through the Veto and derail Tiffany’s game plan. For the Veto competition, Tiffany, Alyssa, and Xavier were joined by Hannah, Big D, and Azah.

On cue, the players would arrange 21 micro-cocktails in a tiny pyramid using tweezers. Alyssa defeated the others and won the Power of Veto! This was bad news for Tiffany, who now had to nominate either Claire or a member of her own alliance! Xavier was elated. Moving on, Big D was contemplating the chances of his own safety. Although she was reluctant to nominate Claire, Tiffany knew she had no other choice. If Claire stepped on the block, Alyssa would most certainly find out about the Cookout.

When the big moment arrived, Tiffany came clean in front of Claire. She said that it was impossible for her to throw Azah, Big D, Kyland, Hannah, or even Xavier under the bus. Therefore, Claire had to replace Alyssa after she saved herself using the Veto. Both Tiffany and Claire were in tears, but the latter understood the reason behind her best friend taking such an unbelievable step.

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