Big Brother Season 23 Episode 30: What to Expect?

In episode 29 of ‘Big Brother’ season 23, Hannah faced the consequences of having replaced Alyssa with Kyland. She, along with Tiffany, became his next target. Despite the women reassuring him that he is not on their target list, for now, Kyland refused to change his mind. For a complete account of the events of the latest episode, you can head to the recap section at the end. Now, let’s take a look at the release date and other details for ‘Big Brother’ season 23 episode 30!

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 30 Release Date

‘Big Brother’ season 23 episode 30 will release September 15, 2021, at 8:00 pm ET on CBS. The current iteration of the show has 37 episodes in total. New episodes usually arrive on the network every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The runtime of each episode is approximately 50-60 minutes.

Where to Watch Big Brother Season 23 Episode 30 Online?

You can watch ‘Big Brother’ season 23 episode 30, as and when it airs, on CBS at the aforementioned date and time. If you miss the television broadcast, you can stream it later on CBS’ official website and the CBS app. In addition, you can watch the episode on Paramount+YouTube TVFubo TVDirecTV, and Pluto TV. If none of these options are viable, you can buy or rent the episodes on Apple TVAmazon Prime VideoVuduGoogle PlayMicrosoft Store, and iTunes. Fans of the show in Canada have the option to watch ‘Big Brother’ season 23 on Global TV.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 30 Spoilers

Now that Tiffany is probably next in line to be eliminated, she might have to negotiate and strike deals with other guests, which is not unlikely considering she is one of the strongest contenders this season. Therefore, in the upcoming episode, we might witness Tiffany’s next move that will ultimately decide her future in the show. However, she is both Derek and Xavier’s primary target as well, which leaves Hannah and Azah. The former is already on the block, so Azah might have to win the Power of Veto to turn the game in his favor!

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 29 Recap

In the twenty-eighth episode of season 23, Hannah was worried that her decision to replace Alyssa with Kyland jeopardized the HoH’s friendship with him. Kyland realized that Tiffany and Hannah were trying to impress Alyssa for the sake of jury management. Kyland thought he was Tiffany’s next target and didn’t buy her words when she said he wasn’t. He was also skeptical about Hannah. Derek admitted he was targeting Tiffany and Hannah while Xavier made a “final two” deal with Kyland.

The HoH competition involved eggs that had to be passed through a maze before being rolled down a ramp. As the others struggled, Kyland developed a strategy that earned him a win. Realizing that the game is slowly slipping out of her grip, Tiffany had previously approached Kyland to join her and Hannah for a “final three” deal. On top of that, he was advised to target Xavier, who is a strong competitor. In an attempt to gain his trust, Hannah spilled out her game plan to Kyland. Nevertheless, Kyland put Tiffany and Hannah on the block at the nomination ceremony, with the latter as the pawn!

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