Big Shot Episode 2: What’s In Store?

Big Shot’ debuts with a stellar premiere episode that quickly introduces us to the core characters and their world. With the formalities aside, it wastes no time in exploring the characters’ internal conflicts. It follows Marvyn Korn, a disgraced men’s basketball coach who takes charge of the basketball team at an all-girls private high school. You can find a detailed summary of the episode’s events in the recap section. But first, let’s take a look at what new challenges lie ahead of Coach Korn and his team in ‘Big Shot’ episode 2.

Big Shot Episode 2 Release Date

‘Big Shot’ episode 2 premieres on April 23, 2021, at 3 am ET on Disney+. The first season consists of 10 episodes, and new episodes will drop on the service every Friday.

Where to Watch Big Shot Episode 2 Online?

You can watch the second episode of ‘Big Shot’ on the Disney+ website or mobile app with a subscription. The series is a Disney+ Original and cannot be streamed anywhere else.

Big Shot Episode 2 Spoilers

In the second episode of ‘Big Shot,’ we can expect to learn more about Korn’s past and the circumstances under which he was removed from the NCAA. In a short amount of time, the coach has managed to bring huge changes in the team, and the Sirens might get back to winning ways under his guidance. The girls are also determined to prove themselves and will continue working hard. However, Korn’s tough love attitude and grueling training may prove to be too much for some players. Korn will try to communicate better with his players and connect with them.

Big Shot Episode 1 Recap

In the first episode of ‘Big Shot,’ Marvyn Korn (John Stamos) is ousted from NCAA and forced to take a job as the coach of an all-girls basketball team at an elite private high school. On his arrival, he immediately displays his temperamental nature and butts heads with the star player, Louise Gruzinsky. Korn benches Louise from the team to set an example after she disrespects him in front of her teammates. The other team members have a mixed opinion over the coach’s rough techniques.

Everyone at the school, including his new assistant coach, Holly Barrett, asks him to change his methods, but Korn insists on doing things his own way. Korn adjusts to his new life as a high school basketball coach and goes out for drinks with Holly. He talks about his dedication to basketball and how it cost him his marriage. The girls eventually realize the value of Korn’s methods and begin preparation for their next game. Korn allows Louise to return to the team as a substitute after she reveals that if the scouts at the game find out she is suspended, they will think she has a bad attitude.

As Korn preps the team for the game against Laguna, he realizes that he lacks a proper shooter. Holly reminds him that Louise is the team’s most skilled shooter and should start the game. Korn nonetheless sticks with his decision to leave her on the bench. The game begins, and the Westbrook Sirens quickly trail their opponents in the scoreline. At halftime, Korn delivers a rousing speech that motivates the girls to mount a comeback in the second half. With only a few minutes left in the game, Korn decides to bring on Louise to cover the six-point gap between them and their opponents. Louise scores a three-point shot but misses the next one as the game ends, handing the Sirens a narrow defeat. Korn tells the team that the result is unacceptable, but they are only just getting started.

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