Big Shot Episode 7: What to Expect?

Episode 6 of ‘Big Shot’ is arguably the show’s most complex and emotional episode yet. It deals with various conflicts that have been building steam in recent weeks and threaten to derail all the progress Coach Korn and the Sirens have made. You can find a detailed summary of the episode’s events in the recap section. Those wondering about what new challenges lie ahead of Coach Korn and his team, here’s what you can expect from ‘Big Shot’ episode 7.

Big Shot Episode 7 Release Date

‘Big Shot’ episode 7 premieres on May 28, 2021, at 3 am ET on Disney+. The first season consists of 10 episodes, and new episodes are released on the service weekly, on Fridays.

Where to Watch Big Shot Episode 7 Online?

You can watch the seventh episode of ‘Big Shot’ on the Disney+ website or mobile app with a subscription. The series is a Disney+ Original and is exclusive to the house of mouse streaming service.

Big Shot Episode 7 Spoilers

‘Big Shot’ episode 7 is titled ‘Kalm Korn.’ After last week’s episode, Korn will likely stop undermining Holly and let her take more control while respecting her opinions. The Sirens will have to deal with some personal issues. Korn’s actions at the previous game might come back to haunt him. He might also have to confront shards of his past. Charges of embezzlement against Larry Gruzinsky are likely to continue looming over Westbrook.

Big Shot Episode 6 Recap

In ‘Big Shot’ episode 6, titled ‘Carlsbad Crazies,’ Westbrook deals with the aftermath of the news of the arrest of Louise’s dad getting out. Louise is deeply impacted and in a vulnerable place as the next game approaches. However, her friends and fellow teammates try to help her forget the incident. Meanwhile, Coach Korn is preparing for the team’s next game against one of Westbrook’s most bitter opponents, Carlsbad. Korn’s problems are further exasperated by Dean Thomas making him promise to win the game as they have been losing to Carlsbad for six years in a row.

Destiny is conflicted between backing her friends and standing up for her beliefs. Dean Thomas and Coach Korn discuss dealing with the basketball court scoreboard that carries Louise’s family name. The tensions begin to rise between the teammates after Destiny signs Kelsi’s petition. The team shuns out Destiny in practice, and their coordination begins to wear off. Coach Korn learns that the scout coming to the game is a friend of his. The two catch up, and Korn persuades his friend to look at Louise. Korn realizes how much coaching at Westbrook has relaxed him.

Joyce McCarthy, Carlsbad’s Coach, tries to get in the heads of Holly and the Westbrook team. Korn urges the Westbrook Sirens to put their differences aside and compete against Carlsbad. The Sirens begin to lose control of the game, and the pressure becomes too much for Korn, who tears down a sign meant to mock Louise’s dad and is kicked out of the game. Holly takes charge and gives a rousing pep talk to the girls. The Sirens overturn a 22 point deficit to win the game with a final scoreline of 52-51. In the end, Louise and Korn both make peace with the mistakes of their dads. The Gruzinsky scoreboard is removed from the court.

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