Big Shot Episode 8: What to Expect?

Episode 7 of ‘Big Shot’ is full of confrontations and revelations. At the heart of it all walks Marvyn, who is steadily gaining more control over his personal and professional lives. Emma gives him an earful about his life choices, along with Miss Goodwyn, who tells him to face his fears. Furthermore, Marvyn attempts to conclude his prolonged enmity with Holly. If you haven’t seen the latest episode, you can simply read about it in the recap section. If you’re looking forward to the next episode, here’s what we know about ‘Big Shot’ episode 8.

Big Shot Episode 8 Release Date

‘Big Shot’ episode 8 premieres on June 4, 2021, at 3 am ET on Disney+. The first season has ten episodes, and new episodes drop on the service weekly, on Fridays.

Where to Watch Big Shot Episode 8 Online?

You can watch the eighth episode of ‘Big Shot’ on the Disney+ website or mobile app if you have a subscription. Since the series is a Disney+ Original, it is available exclusively on the House of Mouse streaming service.

Big Shot Episode 8 Spoilers

‘Big Shot’ episode 8 is titled ‘Everything to Me.’ In the next episode, Coach Marvyn will get back to his duties which means that a basketball match is set to happen. In the process, he will impart a valuable lesson to the girls: never underestimate your opponent. After the events of the last episode, Marvyn will hopefully return stronger. Meanwhile, Emma will audition for the play.

Big Shot Episode 7 Recap

‘Big Shot’ episode 7, titled ‘Kalm Korn’, is all about Marvyn getting a taste of reality. He has deep-rooted insecurities about his dating life, is on the verge of ending his professional career as a coach, and is in absolute disagreement with his daughter’s decisions. But things begin to get better with time. First, he has a conversation with Emma about his non-existent personal life owing to his love for basketball as she explains the importance of settling down. Second, he visits Miss Goodwyn, who constantly reminds him of his shortcomings and, in a way, pushes him to be a better person. Marvyn is still afraid of commitment, but she insists that he must face his demons to survive in a tough world.

Later, Marvyn makes it up to his daughter and also asks Miss Goodwyn out. As far as his beef with fellow basketball coach Holly goes, Marvyn accepts her position as head coach and stops undermining her. He instead compliments her on her work. His actions at the previous game also disturb his peace. But he hauls the statue in the closet, letting go of his pride, and proves that he is capable of moving on from his past. Elsewhere, charges of embezzlement against Larry Gruzinsky are still affecting the atmosphere of Westbrook.

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