When Will Bigger Season 2 Premiere on BET Plus?

If you would have asked somebody thirty years ago what mid-life crisis is, no one would have known, but, if you ask someone who question today, even a person in their 20s would know what it is. People always like to plan for their future. They like to dream big and gradually work on it to make it a reality. So, what really happens when they come to the point, where they thought they’d ‘have it all’ but instead, have absolutely no idea about anything? Well, they panic. They start to question everything and make bigger strategies for bigger plans. BET+ original series Bigger is just about that.

Bigger is an American comedy drama that premiered on September 19, 2019 on BET+. The show features a young woman and her lively group of friends, who are trying to work out the fundamentals of adulting. The series is about the transition and challenges one goes through once they enter their 30s. It features their individual versions of midlife crisis in extremely witty and humorous ways.

Bigger Cast: Who’s in it?

Tanisha Long, known for her performances in ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘ and ‘I Love Bekka and Lucy’, plays the character of Layne Roberts, the main lead of the show. Layne is a fun and eccentric black woman who is often found second-guessing herself. She likes to settle down for the usual due to her low self-confidence and hesitation to let go of her true self. Though, she decides to change her herself when she meets with a major crossroad in her personal life. She finally decides to not play safe anymore and take the risks to make her life more adventurous.

Veronica Yates, a ferocious smart woman, is a friend and more like an elder sister to Layne. Her character is played by Angell Conwell, known for ‘Soul Plane’. Veronica is a real estate agent, who comparatively has her life more in order than the rest of her friends. She likes to keep love in the background and focus on more ‘practical’ aspects of life.

Rasheda Crockett, known for her performance in ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, plays the character of Tracey Davis, an enthusiastic social media influencer, who aspires to get the status of a Hollywood celebrity someday. Her quirky and upbeat attitude makes the audience smile while her hidden insecurities regarding the longevity of her career make her more genuine and relatable.

Chase Anthony from ‘Lethal Weapons‘ plays Deon Lewis. Lewis is not just a fun character with incredible comic timing, but a successful businessman as well. Though in his 30s, he realizes he needs to achieve more and set bigger goals in life. He struggles hard with his ambitions as he finds his colleagues getting better of him.

Tristen Winger from ‘Insecure‘ plays the role of Vince Carpenter. Vince is a really sweet guy and a 90s kid by heart. He works as a DJ and wishes to re-introduce the good old days of music but fails to do so due to the young generation.

Wrapping the cast, the recurring characters in the show are Greg Washington, played by Warren Burke and Reggie Langford, played by Terrence T. Tarrell. Both the men have one thing in common – Layne. Greg plays the role of Layne’s long-time stable boyfriend, who is sweet, sensitive, caring, and basically everything a girl wants, except, skills on bed. On the other hand, Reggie is a charming hunk who seems to complete what is missing in Layne’s life.

No matter whom Layne chooses, we are sure to see all these amazing cast return with their roles in Bigger season 2.

Bigger Plot: What is it about?

Layne likes to keep things simple and play it safe without taking any risks. But, she soon realizes she needs to change her laid back attitude, take the advice of Veronica and add some adventure to her life. After Greg proposes to Layne for marriage, she is taken aback and takes some time to ponder upon it. Meanwhile, she meets Reggie, who woos her off her feet and she decides to take her time with him.

While she is struggling with the dilemma of her own, her friends are also trying to figure out their lives. After the news of the sudden death of their college acquaintance, they start to see their lives in a different light. They want to bring out the best by wanting better, aiming higher and dreaming bigger.

Bigger Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Bigger season 1 premiered on September 19, 2019 on BET+ and ended on November 7, 2019 after airing 10 episodes.

As the show received a positive response from the critics and the audience, and also because it is the first series to premiere on BET+, we are sure to expect its renewal. But as it is too soon for any announcement, there has been no update regarding the dates yet. Though, we hope to see Bigger season 2 return on the screens sometime in September 2020.

Bigger Trailer

There is no official trailer for Bigger season 2. But in case you haven’t watched this new show yet, catch the trailer of season 1 below

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