Where to Stream Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

The 1989 movie kicked off a franchise that has remained popular till date. Yes, we are talking about ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,’ where two slackers use a time travel machine to go to the past. They aim to assemble historical figures for their high school presentation. Needless to say, their journey’s peppered with humorous adventures, and we focus on how strong Bill and Ted’s friendship is. Curious to know where you can stream the movie? We’ve got you covered, right after walking you through the premise.

What is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure About?

Two high school friends, Bill and Ted, plan on starting a band. However, they’re also about to flunk their history tests, which means that Ted will be sent to military school. When hope seems lost, Rufus, a traveler from the future, offers help. Bill and Ted’s band appears to be the foundation of a happy society, so Rufus lends them his time machine. The duo goes to the past to round up historical figures. In the process, they embark on a remarkable adventure.

Is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure on Netflix?

Netflix has a stellar collection of films, and the platform maintains an incredible roster of comedy movies too. While ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ is not available on Netflix, viewers can always check out ‘Groundhog Day,’ where a reporting crew finds themselves caught in a time loop, covering the same day over and over again.

Is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure on Hulu?

Hulu tries to stay ahead of the curve with smart additions, which is why viewers are always satiated with the platform’s content. ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ is not on Hulu, but subscribers can watch ‘Time Freak.’ Just as saving the world is important to Bill and Ted, saving his relationship becomes essential to Stillman, a heartbroken physics student whose girlfriend leaves him. He goes to the past, attempting to correct every mistake that ruined his relationship. The heartbroken boy also takes his friend along with him.

Is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime sources content from all around the world, which is why subscribers can access a wide variety of films and shows. ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ is not available in the Prime roster itself, but if viewers add the Starz pack to their existing Amazon Prime plans, they can stream the movie. Check it out here.

Where to Watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Online?

If you don’t have a subscription to Amazon Prime, you needn’t worry. ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ can be streamed on Starz and DirecTV.

Where to Stream Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure For Free?

Yes, you can use the trial period offered by Starz to watch ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ online for free. It is a week-long trial, so you can easily complete the movie by then. If you are already a Prime subscriber and wish to watch it for free, there’s a caveat. You can add the Starz pack for free for a week – during which you can access all their content. After that, you have to pay a monthly fee. However, we urge our readers to pay for all the art they consume.

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