Billions Season 6 Release Date: Everything We Know

Created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin, ‘Billions’ is a drama series that revolves around the finance industry. It follows US Attorney Chuck Rhoades, who is determined to bring down Bobby Axelrod AKA Axe, a well-known hedge fund manager. Axe might be wealthy and powerful, but not all that wealth has been accumulated legally. Soon, the two men get caught in a game of cat and mouse as they try to outwit each other. The series originally premiered on January 17, 2016.

The series has been received positively by viewers and critics alike despite the lack of likable characters. However, the introduction of Taylor Mason’s character in season 2 was met with an overwhelming response, as it was reportedly the first time an American TV show included a non-binary character. The series has also won critics over with the quick-witted dialogues, intriguing plotlines, and realistic portrayal of the hedge fund industry. Naturally, you must be eager to know when the remaining episodes of season 5 will arrive. Here are all the updates!

Billions Season 6 Release Date

‘Billions’ season 5 part 2 is scheduled for release on September 5, 2021, at 9 pm ET on Showtime. It is expected to wrap up on October 3, 2021, after airing five episodes that run for 54–60 minutes each.

The 12-episode season 5 was forced to split into two parts due to the outbreak of COVID-19 causing interruptions in the production. Season 5 part 1 aired from May 3, 2020, to July 14, 2020. It consists of seven episodes since those were the only ones that had been completed before the pandemic brought all film and TV productions to a halt. The scripts for the remaining five episodes had been written, but the filming only resumed in 2021. In early March 2021, Kelly AuCoin (“Dollar” Bill Stearn) confirmed that the cast and crew had resumed filming.

You would also be happy to know that on October 1, 2020, Showtime ordered a new round of episodes that will follow season 5 part 2. This is not surprising given that the finance industry-based drama has been going strong and is one of the highest-rated series on the channel.

Billions Season 6 Cast: Who is in it?

In the second part of season 5, we will see the following actors: Paul Giamatti (Charles “Chuck” Rhoades, Jr.), Damian Lewis (Robert “Bobby” Axelrod AKA Axe), Maggie Siff (Wendy Rhoades), David Costabile (Mike “Wags” Wagner), Condola Rashād (Kate Sacker), and Asia Kate Dillon (Taylor Amber Mason). Jeffrey DeMunn (Charles Rhoades, Sr.), Kelly AuCoin (“Dollar” Bill Stearn), and Corey Stoll (Michael Thomas Aquinius Prince) will also return. In addition, we might see Frank Grillo play the role of Nico Tanner.

Billions Season 6 Plot: What is it About?

In the midseason finale of season 5 part 1, Axe seems to get rattled and is on the brink of making a big mistake when Taylor saves the day. But he flies off the handle when he learns about Wendy and Taylor’s deal with Michael Prince. He refuses to see reason even though it could prove to be profitable in the long term. Moreover, seeing Wendy with Nico does not make things any easier for Axe. On the other hand, Chuck deals with his father’s health crisis without losing sight of his prey, Axe.

The second part of season 5 will pick up after the midseason finale. The clash between Axe and powerful billionaire Michael Prince will get messier as the latter will find an ally in Chuck Rhoades. As you can imagine, Chuck will be over the moon with his latest weapon (Prince) that could bring Axe crashing down. We will see new alliances being formed and broken, dragging almost everyone into the game. This could cost everything to those who get involved. Wendy has often been the voice of reason, who has stopped Axe from sabotaging his business. As seen in season 5 part 1, his ego seems to be getting the better of him, which could have disastrous consequences.

Billions Season 5 Part 2 Trailer

Here is a trailer to give you a picture of all the drama that the upcoming batch of episodes will bring!

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