Bird Box Barcelona 2: Will There be a Sequel?

Directed by Álex and David Pastor, Netflix’s ‘Bird Box Barcelona‘ is a post-apocalyptic horror thriller movie set in the same universe as 2018’s ‘Bird Box’ starring Sandra Bullock. It revolves around Sebastian and Anna, a father-daughter duo trying to survive an apocalyptic event caused by the unexplained arrival of creatures that force people to kill themselves. As a result, Sebastian and Anna team up with other survivors as they seek a safe haven. The film expands upon the lore of the creatures and further develops some of the concepts from the original film. As a result, viewers must wonder if a direct sequel will continue the story or a third installment in the franchise. If you are looking for news about the potential of ‘Bird Box Barcelona 2,‘ here is everything we know in that regard!

Will Bird Box Barcelona 2 Happen?

‘Bird Box Barcelona’ was released on July 14, 2023, on Netflix. The film has a runtime of 112 minutes and received mixed reviews from critics upon release. At present, there is no confirmation of a follow-up to the movie being in the works. However, given the film’s ending, a sequel is likely in the cards. The movie ends with Claire and Sofia arriving at a military campsite where scientists are experimenting on the blood of the Seers to develop a vaccine. Thus, the movie’s ending suggests that a direct sequel set sometime after the events of ‘Bird Box Barcelona’ is a reasonable bet as the next installment in the franchise.

However, Netflix could certainly take other directions with a protective third installment in the franchise following 2018’s ‘Bird Box,’ and 2023’s ‘Bird Box Barcelona.’ The original film is based on writer Josh Malerman’s novel of the same name. In 2020, Malerman stated in an interview that a sequel to the 2018 film was in the works. However, the author remained secretive about the exact plans for the follow-up. In March 2021, the Spanish-language spin-off was announced, leaving the fate of a direct sequel to ‘Bird Box’ unknown. Hence, it is possible that Netflix could revisit Sandra Bullock’s Malorie Hayes and continue her story in the franchise’s third installment.

In a June 2023 interview with EW, producer Chris Morgan hinted at the possibility of the franchise expanding through more regional spin-off films. “Malorie’s journey was just the first chapter of this global, apocalyptic event. As we were developing the original film, we often discussed what would be happening at the same time in different countries around the world,” he said. Hence, the franchise’s third installment could be a fresh entry set in an all-new city, focusing on new characters. Whatever direction Netflix chooses to go in, a third installment seems almost inevitable since the original film became one of the most-watched films on the streaming platform.

Assuming a direct sequel to the original film, a follow-up to the Spanish spin-off, or an entirely new spin-off is greenlit, the next entry in the ‘Bird Box’ franchise will almost certainly be affected by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Moreover, seeing how five years passed between the release of ‘Bird Box’ and its first spin-off, viewers are likely in for a long wait before another installment of the horror thriller franchise arrives on our screens. Nonetheless, if the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes are resolved quickly and a sequel is officially announced in the coming months, work on the franchise’s third installment could start by early 2024. All things said we can expect to see a prospective ‘Bird Box 3’ or ‘Bird Box Barcelona 2’ arrive on our screens sometime in late 2025.

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