Blac Youngsta Net Worth

How much is Blac Youngsta worth? $3 million

How did Blac Youngsta earn his money and wealth?

In April 1990, BlacYongsta was born as Sammie Marquez Benson in Memphis, Tennessee. He started looking at his life after an unfortunate demise of his brother. Blac had a poverty struck childhood. Along with his brother, he was raised by their grandparents and at the tender age of 10, Black started to work at a store. He even got fired from the job at the corner store after being caught many times for placing false orders and taking it home as leftovers. This did not help the situation of his family which struggled from day to day to put food on the table. He eventually ended up in jails for charges of illegal possession of marijuana and weapons. As of 2018, Blac Youngsta’s net worth is $2 million.

BlacYongsta started with his mixtapes in the year 2012. “Fast Brick” was his first mixtape among the three consecutive releases following “Fast Brick 2” a several months later and the “Fast Brick 3 in year 2014. He was discovered by Yo Gotti’s CMG record. He was given an opportunity to tour with YoGotti for two months. He was signed to CMG record label in 2015 after the end of the tour. He then went to work with record labels like ‘Play Too Much Entertainment,’ ‘Mogul Management,’ and ‘916% ENTERTAINMENT.

The year 2014 turned out to be pivotal for his career. The death of his brother changed the course of his life. He reminisced about his childhood memories in his first single called “Heavy” in the year 2014 and became a huge hit. He then signed with Epic Records on 2ndDecenber 2017 and his debut album “2.23” featuring Gotti, Travis Scott, Chris Brown, French Montana, Lil Yachty and LunchMoney Lewis was released on 23rd February 2018.

He tends to rap about events from his own life, all the things that he suffered and how he overcame them. He sets a great example of how someone faces the odds and builds a great career out of rough childhood. Blac even admits this in ann interview that he truly feels what he is rapping about. Interestingly he add that when he is rapping about money, he holds a wad of cash and if he is rapping about guns he brings them into the booth with him.

BlacYoungsta wants to become famous like everybody else by telling his side of the story and his experiences to the world through his music. On many occasions, Blac Youngsta has been found to be speaking his mind very openly on his Twitter account. He is very active on Instagram as well with the following of almost 3 million users. He has been trying to make his name as a solo in the recent years and loves to compare himself to a Canadian rapper “Drake”.

What are the highest selling music albums of Blac Youngsta?

  1. 223 (2018): 12,317 units (sales+Streaming)
  2. Song “Booty” (2018) Peaked at #22 on Billboard

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