Black Christmas: Everything We Know

Slasher movies are always intense experiences. There is the feeling of being hunted, it has a lot of gore as a nearly unstoppable killer picks off the victims and towards the end comes the retaliation, where the victim or victims realize that flight is not an option and they have to stay and fight. ‘Black Christmas’ is one of the earliest slasher movies that came out in 1974. The Canadian movie was remade in 2006 and is now getting another remake, which promises to add a twist to the tale. From what we understand, this will be a much more feminist take on the movie.

Notably, when ‘Black Christmas’ first came out, it told the story of a group of sorority sisters, who continue receiving a series of threatening phone calls, which soon escalate, when a deranged killer stalks and murders them during Christmas season. Upon release, the movie did not do too well but went on to gather a cult following, not to mention, being extremely influential to other slashers like ‘Halloween‘. It also gave rise to the urban legend of the babysitter and the man upstairs. With ‘Black Christmas’ being such an indispensable part of pop culture, it would be unwise to assume that it would not get a makeover, especially at a time when classic horror and slasher films are being remade in the modern context.

The new ‘Black Christmas’ movie promises to be a riveting watch and here is everything that we know about it.

Black Christmas Plot: What Is It About?

‘Black Christmas’ tells the story of some sorority sisters who decide to stay back in their home during the semester break. As Hawthorne College becomes quieter for the holidays, terror strikes the girls where they live. They realize that they are being stalked and killed off, one by one, by some deranged killer on campus. However, the killer soon realizes that the women of this generation will not take things lying down. Soon, they mount a fight and escalate matters, perhaps even making the killer regret the actions.

However, the movie promises to go beyond just the violent confrontation between the girls and the killer. It is pretty evident that the identity of the killer will not be the big secret that the film builds towards. Instead, it promises to show the rotten core of Hawthorne College, as the sorority sisters face off against a cult that seems to have gory rituals and practices. In this manner, ‘Black Christmas’ perhaps attempts to contrast the codes that the sorority sisters and the cult live by, and how they violently clash in an epic confrontation.

From what we already know of the movie, it promises to be a tight action-packed film, with plenty of scares, and blood-soaked scenes, as the killer meticulously stalks the girls who boldly fight back for their survival.

Black Christmas Cast: Who Is In It?

The cast of ‘Black Christmas’ is made up of actors who portray the sorority sisters, the members of the cult and the killer himself. Thus, we have Imogen Poots in the role of Riley Stone, Aleyse Shannon as Kris, Lily Donoghue as Marty, and ‘Star’ actress Brittany O’Grady as Jess Bradford.

Cary Elwes appears as Professor Gelson and we already know that he is involved with the cult and might have an active hand in the death of the girls.

Black Christmas Crew: Who Is Behind It?

Not only does ‘Black Christmas’ prominently have women in front of the camera, but the film has made sure that there are women behind it as well. Therefore, we have Sophia Takal directing the movie from a script that she has co-written along with April Wolfe. Jason Blum is producing the film under the Blumhouse Productions banner. Notably, Blum has an eye of good horror and slasher projects, having made ‘Get Out‘ and ‘Happy Death Day‘. Takal and Blum have also coordinated before on Hulu’sInto the Dark‘, and will be looking to recreate their magic in the upcoming movie as well.

Black Christmas Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Black Christmas’ has already set a release date. It is slated to hit theaters on December 13, 2019. This does put it around Christmas time, which is not very suitable for horror as it is a time for celebrations and merriment. However, the movie is being smartly released on Friday the 13th, to notch up the spookiness. Moreover, it is also a tip of the hat to one of the most glorified slasher franchises of all time.

Black Christmas Trailer:

You can check out the trailer for ‘Black Christmas’ below. Scored to a spooky rendition of ‘Carol of the Bells’, the trailer shows how the sorority sisters are first on the backfoot when the killer strikes, but soon decide to take the fight to the people planning on terrorizing them.

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