Black Clover E128: When and Where to Watch?

Like every shounen that made it big, even ‘Black Clover’ has haters who call it a generic series, especially the ones who have watched a fair amount of ‘Naruto‘ and ‘Bleach.’ However, ‘Black Clover’ has this simplicity to it that only a few other shounen like ‘Hunter X Hunter‘ can match. Not to mention, it has some of the best original soundtracks that the genre can offer. All the haters of the show should certainly give it a second chance and the ones who have been watching already should read on further to know all about its next episode.

Black Colver Episode 128 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Black Clover’ first started airing on October 3, 2017. Black Clover Episode 128 is slated to release on March 31, 2020. As usual, it’ll air in Japan on TV Tokyo at 7:00 pm, JST, and will later be available on other streaming platforms as well.

Where to Watch Black Clover Episode 128 English Dub Online?

The English dubbed version of ‘Black Clover’ is available on Funimation and you can also watch it with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Black Clover Spoilers:

In the small town of Hage, a priest finds two young boys named Asta and Yuno at the steps of his church. After learning that their parents have abandoned them, he takes them in and the boys spend the rest of the years of their life in the church’s orphanage. After fifteen years, the boys grow up and like most other kids there, they dream of becoming the greatest mage of their kingdom. Asta falls for Sister Lily and shamelessly proposes her. But to his dismay, she rejects him every single time. Asta also tries his best to show off with the limited magical skills that he has but Yuno always outshines him and he becomes the laughing stock of the orphanage.

After a while, the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony is held and at this ceremony, after a bunch of nobles are criticized by commoners, Yuno is given the prestigious four-leaf clover. For obvious reasons, Asta feels jealous and challenges Yuno. But Yuno realizes what he’s trying to do and ignores his challenge. Soon after the ceremony is over, Yuno steps out of the building where it was being held and gets instantly attacked by a bunch of nobles. But being the great magician that he is now, he easily overpowers them and defeats them. That’s when a former magical Knight named Revchi arrives there tries to steal Yuno’s clover to later sell it.

Realizing that his friend is in danger, Asta rushes to the scene but gets attacked by Revchi. But this does not stop him from fighting back. With this, he somehow unravels all the rage trapped inside him and unleashes his true magic potential. This also allows him to acquire a grimoire himself which later turns out to be the rare five-leaf clover. After defeating the former Knight, the two young boys embark on an epic journey to become the strongest mages.

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