Black-ish Season 7: Everything We Know

No other situational comedy has been as influential in recent years as ‘Black-ish’. It has inspired real-world conversations about various socio-political issues and has been at the forefront of the movement of diversifying content in Hollywood. Created by Kenya Barris, the show follows the Johnsons, an affluent black family, as they deal with various personal, social, economical, and racial aspects of their lives. The show originally premiered on September 24, 2014.

Since its inception, it has enjoyed exceptional ratings and has even spawned two spin-offs, ‘Grown-ish’ and ‘Mixed-ish’. With season six having wrapped up, the die-hard fans of the show must be curious to know when ‘Black-ish’ season 7 will grace our television screens. In this article, we will answer that question.

Black-ish Season 7 Release Date

‘Black-ish’ season 6 premiered on September 24, 2019, on ABC, and went on to air 23 episodes before coming to an end on May 5, 2020.

On May 21, 2020, the show was renewed for season 7, along with its spin-off ‘Mixed-ish’ (for the sophomore season). However, on June 17, 2020, the network released its 2020-2021 Fall Schedule in which Barris’ comedy series was not featured, indicating that it would likely premiere as a mid-season replacement. However, only a day later, ABC went back on the decision and listed ‘Black-ish’ in its traditional place in the Fall Schedule.

“Black-ish has a long-standing history of shining a light on current events and honoring Black voices through the lens of the Johnson family,” stated Karey Burke, the President of ABC Entertainment. “After speaking with Kenya [Barris] and our creative partners, we decided it was important to tell these meaningful stories during this moment in time, so we are adjusting our premiere schedule and are committed to doing whatever it takes to bring this series back as soon as we possibly can. Following recent monumental events, it’s imperative that the dialogue continues and empowers viewers to raise their voices, and there is no other show that does that like Black-ish.”

‘Black-ish’ season 7 will release on October 21, 2020, on ABC, at 9.30 pm ET. Ahead of the season premiere, ABC aired an hour-long, partly-animated, election-themed ‘Black-ish’ special on October 4, 2020. The project is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry (‘Hair Love’).

Black-ish Season 7 Cast: Who Can be in It?

Anthony Anderson portrays the advertising executive and patriarch of the Johnson family, Andre “Dre” Johnson. Tracee Ellis Ross is cast as anesthesiologist Rainbow “Bow” Johnson. Yara Shahidi stars as Zoey, the oldest of Dre and Bow’s five children. Marcus Scribner plays Andre Jr, their first son. Miles Brown and Marsal Martin portray fraternal twins Jack and Diane. Austin & Berlin Gross steps in to play Dre and Bow’s youngest son, Devante.

Jenifer Lewis essays the role of Ruby, Dre’s mother, while Laurence Fishburne plays Earl, Dre’s father. Deon Cole and Jeff Meacham essay the role of Dre’s two co-workers, Charlie Telphy and Josh Oppenhol, respectively. Peter Mackenzie is cast as their boss, Leslie Stevens. Most members of the cast are slated to return in season 7. Since she has her own show now, ‘Grown-ish’ star Yara Shahidi makes only a handful of appearances in the original series. This will most likely continue in the seventh season.

Black-ish Season 7 Plot: What Can it be About?

‘Black-ish’ season 6 finale starts with Dre experiencing something that no child should ever have to, walking in on his parents having sex. After the ensuing chaos subsides, Dre is told by his parents that they have started dating in secret. Knowing how badly it ended for them the last time, Dre puts his foot down. He tells them that they have two options, either they break up or both leave his house. Ruby picks the second option, surprising Dre.

Ruby has purchased a boat for herself and Earl and wants to sail around Santa Catalina Island at the weekend. With the help of Bow, Dre finally sees that he has been unreasonable. As the Johnson family gathers on the dock to see off Earl and Ruby, Dre and his mother have a candid conversation. She promises him that whatever comes after this, they will deal with it together, as they always have.

In season 7, expect the relationship between Ruby and Earl to enjoy more focus. Dre’s relationship with his mother seems to have changed as well. This might get accentuated in the next season. As always, Dre and Bow’s dynamics will be at the core of the plot. The show will continue to address issues related to race, class, and politics. The real-life COVID situation and the Black Lives Matter movement might also get explored in the next season.

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