Black-ish Season 8: Everything We Know

Created by Kenya Barris, ‘Black-ish’ revolves around an African-American family trying to forge a life in a White upper-class neighborhood. Dre Johnson is the father of two kids and a loving husband to Rainbow Johnson. Even though they seem to be well off, their cultural identity is repeatedly challenged and thwacked by the country’s alarming sociopolitical issues. Moreover, Dre is also concerned about contemporary cultures assimilating into their own.

Once he realizes that his family is in danger of being irrevocably westernized, he tries his best to make sure that they remember their roots. Ever since its inception in 2014, the show has attracted attention as well as controversy because of its unapologetic portrayal of life through the eyes of a Black person. ‘Black-ish’ has spanned seven seasons, and if you’re excited about the next one, here’s everything we know about ‘Black-ish’ season 8!

Black-ish Season 8 Release Date

‘Black-ish’ season 7 released on October 4, 2020, on ABC and came to an end on May 18, 2021. The season comprises 21 episodes (including an election special), with each one having a runtime of around 22 minutes. ‘Black-ish’ has tackled sensitive issues relating to creed and culture, but the series has a way of portraying them using subtle humor. Although some people find it offensive, others think it makes ‘Black-ish’ an engaging watch. The seventh season walked along the same path delivering content that caters to a large section. It talked about the coronavirus pandemic and how it affected families everywhere while also outlining systemic racism, social justice, and racial equality.

As far as the eighth season is concerned, here’s what we know. Through an Instagram post dated May 14, 2021, show creator Kenya Barris confirmed that the series would return with another season, unfortunately, its last one. This might be related to the steady drop in its viewership numbers, yet Kenya has a strong vision of how it is supposed to end. Instead of being sad, he expressed his gratitude for having had the chance to materialize his ideas for the last season.

Anthony Anderson, who plays Dre, said that he is looking forward to how they’re about to close the show. So we now know that the final season of ‘Black-ish’ will retain its quality and ability to positively overwhelm the audiences. The show, over the years, has changed many lives and shifted perspectives. Its message is not solely restricted to the narrative of Black families. It also hinges on family, culture, and the world in general, as stated by Kenya. Hence, the eighth season will center upon current issues and plights that have pushed the country into a sea of trauma.

With regards to the filming of the show, the creators have not released any update. But reports suggest that the final season will drop on August 18, 2021. This seems like good news for fans who are already in anticipation of the final season. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the production seems to be relatively unharmed. As actor Jenifer Lewis stated, Disney Studios has made them feel very comfortable regardless of protocols that need to be obeyed. Yet, we still can’t predict the nature of the pandemic. Having said that, we expect ‘Black-ish’ season 8 to release sometime in late 2021.

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