Black Monday Season 4: Everything We Know

Created by Jordan Cahan and David Caspe, ‘Black Monday’ is a dark comedy series that unmasks the actual reasons behind Black Monday, one of the worst stock market crashes in Wall Street history. The show takes us back to October 19, 1987, the day locked in everyone’s memory as one of the most uneventful occurrences of the past. It follows Maurice “Mo” Monroe (Cheadle) and a group of outsiders infiltrated into the old-boys club of Wall Street to cause the mess.

The series first premiered on January 20, 2019, and opened to mixed to positive reviews. After spawning three seasons, the return of the two-time Primetime Emmy Award-nominated show has become a matter of curiosity for fans. If you want to know if ‘Black Monday’ will be back with season 4, we’ve got you covered!

Black Monday Season 4 Release Date

‘Black Monday’ Season 3 released on May 23, 2021, on Showtime and ended its ten-episode long run on August 1, 2021. Every episode of the show is around 30 minutes long.

As far as season 4 is concerned, here is what we have surmised. The network has not yet shared any updates about a possible renewal. Over three seasons, the dark comedy show has maintained a steady viewership due to its relevance in terms of what is currently taking place around the globe. It has very elegantly touched upon the global pandemic and America’s civil unrest that has affected almost every industry in the country.

Even though it has relatively lower ratings than other shows on the network, ‘Black Monday’ has gained a lot of attention because of the political theme and powerful performances. As long as it stays in the spotlight and continues to entertain the fans, there will always be a good scope for more seasons. Paul Scheer, who plays Keith, also stated that filming for one season approximately takes ten weeks, covering ten episodes, so there is less burden on the cast members who can explore other projects over the rest of the year.

Taking everything into account, a renewal for a fourth season seems likely. If we consider its release pattern, the show generally drops new seasons in the Spring of every year. So, we can expect ‘Black Monday’ season 4 to release sometime in Q2 2022.

Black Monday Season 4 Cast: Who can be in it?

The cast of ‘Black Monday’ includes ‘Avengers’ fame Don Cheadle as Maurice Monroe, the self-made but savage founder of the Jammer Group, a Wall Street trading firm. Andrew Rannells portrays Blair Pfaff, a Wharton graduate forced to work at what he calls “Mo’s little chop shop.” Regina Hall plays Dawn Darcy, Mo’s right-hand woman. Paul Scheer essays the role of Keith Shankar, an exceptional trader in love with the good life. Casey Wilson plays Tiffany Georgina, whose company Mo sets eyes on. If renewed, all the main characters might return for the fourth edition.

Other cast members expected to reprise their respective roles in the potential follow-up include Yassir Lester as Yassir X, Ken Marino as Larry and Lenny Leighman, June Diane Raphael as Corky Harr, and Michael Hitchcock as Pastor Newel. We can also expect to see some fresh faces if new characters are introduced in season 4.

Black Monday Season 4 Plot: What can it be About?

At the end of season 2, Dawn sacrifices himself for Black Monday, and Mo is assigned the head of The Mo Co. Season 3 revolves around his new life and a group of enemies waiting to take him down. It primarily follows Mo’s comeback after getting kicked out of Wall Street for his illegal scheming. He desperately tries to launch his own record label and re-establish his reputation as a stock market prodigy. In the process, Mo ends up staging a war against Larry. On the other hand, Blair struggles to adjust to his new position as junior Congressman in Washington D.C.

Keith has to prove himself to Leighman Brothers while Tiff is finally learning how to be independent with a bit of help from Keith, who helps her manage money. In the fourth season, Mo and his friends will likely be attacked by Larry, who has promised to take them all down after Mo tried to snatch his label back from him. Although Larry has admitted to all his mistakes, the anger in his heart will drive him to cause a storm in the upcoming season.

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