Where to Stream ‘Bloodshot’?

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear superhero movies, is either Marvel or DC. However, now Valiant Comics is making its foray into the film genre, with ‘Bloodshot‘. The movie has been in development hell for years, which has only increased anticipation among fans.

Naturally, you might be wondering if you can stream and watch ‘Bloodshot’. We have got you covered in that regard. However, first, let us tell you what the movie is about.

What is Bloodshot About?

‘Bloodshot’ tells the story of Ray, who is attacked along with his wife. Although his wife is killed, Ray is saved by a mysterious organization that gives him a new lease on life, using nanotechnology. Now, a supersoldier, Ray works for the company.

However, in a twist, we learn that Bloodshot or Ray has been manipulated by the company, and his wife left him a long time back. Angered at being used, Bloodshot takes the fight to this company, which ends in a violent but exciting climax.

Is Bloodshot on Netflix?

Netflix has a fantastic repository of films and television shows. The platform is rich in content pertaining to the superhero genre, as well. However, ‘Bloodshot’ is not on Netflix right now. Instead, you can watch ‘The Dark Knight‘, which is a splendid deconstruction of a superhero’s psyche, and what drives the criminal elements in society.

Is Bloodshot on Hulu?

Hulu is always ahead of the curve, as opposed to the competition, when it comes to films and television shows. While ‘Bloodshot’ is not on the platform, you can check out ‘Super‘ which proves that anyone can be a superhero, if they put their minds to it.

Is Bloodshot on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has a globally curated list of movies and television shows, tailored to suit everyone’s needs. While ‘Bloodshot’ is not available on the platform, for free, you can check out ‘The Avengers‘, one of the most popular superhero films in recent times. You can also buy and stream ‘Bloodshot’ on Prime. Check it out here.

Is Bloodshot on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus might be a new streaming platform, in comparison, but it already boasts of an amazing collection from the House of Mouse. While ‘Bloodshot’ is not on Disney Plus yet, you can check out ‘Avengers: Endgame‘, which brings the saga of the Avengers to a befitting conclusion.

Where Can I Watch Bloodshot Online?

No subscriptions to major streaming platforms? No worries. ‘Bloodshot’ can be purchased and streamed on Vudu. There are SD, HD, and Ultra HD options available, and they cost $19.99.

Is Bloodshot Out on BluRay and DVD?

‘Bloodshot’ is not yet out on BluRay or DVD but the movie is expected to become available by June 2020.

Can I Stream Bloodshot Online For Free?

Sorry freeloaders, you cannot stream ‘Bloodshot’ for free as the movie is still running in theaters. You have to wait till it arrives on a platform with a free trial period. We’d also like to urge our readers to pay for the art they consume.

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