Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 10: What to Expect?

In this week’s episode of ‘Blue Bloods’ season 11, Frank tries to set up Sid with a therapist, but it is not easy for Sid to seek help. Baez gets involved in a murder case, and Danny does all she can to get her out of the situation. But we can discuss the last episode later! For now, you can dive into the details for the upcoming episode – ‘Blue Bloods’ season 11 episode 10.

Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 10 Release Date

‘Blue Bloods’ season 11 episode 10 is slated to premiere on April 2, 2021, at 10 pm ET on CBS. Season 11 is expected to have 16 episodes, with each one being around 45 minutes long.

Where to Watch Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 10 Online?

With an active cable subscription, you can easily watch the upcoming episode of ‘Blue Bloods’ by tuning in to CBS at the aforementioned timeslot. Another option is to watch the episodes online on CBS All Access, which is now known as Paramount+. You can also log in to CBS’s official website and stream the episodes which have been released previously. Live-streaming, cable-free options for cord-cutters include DirecTV, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV. You can even purchase or rent the episodes of ‘Blue Bloods’ on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 10 Spoilers

The upcoming ‘Blue Bloods’ season 11 episode 10 is called ‘The Common Good,’ but CBS has not yet released its official synopsis. Nevertheless, we expect to see Frank take charge of resolving most problems in the group. He might still try to help Sid get over his problematic condition. Apart from that, Danny and Baez are growing closer with each episode. We can also expect to see more of them together in the future.

Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 9 Recap

‘Blue Bloods’ season 11 episode 9 begins with Baez finding a man dead on her lawn. Erin and her boss Kimberly struggle to reach common ground. Diaz has been irregular because of his wife’s pregnancy. He skipped three days in a week, which compels Jamie to talk to him about a backup plan. Eddie is against the deal, which seems more like a punishment for Diaz. They finally have a meeting with the CO, who decides that they cannot go easy on Jamie.

Sid has been behaving differently, and Frank suggests he should go see a therapist. Dr. Alex Dawson then arrives at Frank’s office. Sid has even started to hurt himself, which increasingly alarms Frank. Moreover, he has been canning his plan of seeing Dawson. Abigail and Garrett pretend not to know where he is. Sid’s partner had died, and Frank just found out about it. Danny comes to know that Internal Affairs would be spying on Baez. She then interviews Baez, who does not seem happy. It is only the questions that piss her off. One of the suspects happens to be the trainer’s fiance, but her alibi checks out fine.

Baez reaches home, and just as she is about to open the fridge, the fiancé charges at her with a knife. Baez manages to save herself, and Danny also barges in. The fiance is the one responsible for the trainer’s death. Erin accidentally says something inappropriate during Kimberly’s phone call with the governor’s new deputy, Cyrus. They later have a conversation, and Kimberly admits that she hates her because of her color. Meanwhile, Sean gets into the college of his choice.

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