BNA: Brand New Animal Episode 4: Release Date and Streaming Details

Studio Trigger has been crushing it lately with anime originals such as BNA and ‘Promare.‘ The Studio’s bright and unique animation style meddled with bold themes and music has really been working in its favor. BNA serves more as a political satire, similar to ‘Beastars‘ in some ways. The only major difference between the two is that BNA is far more involved in a darker plotting while ‘Beastars’ is more inclined towards slice-of-life themes. Although it may be too early to say that ‘BNA’ is in par with ‘Beastars,’ it does seem to be heading in that direction. Hopefully, it won’t quash our hopes. That being said, if you are following its first season, here’s everything you need to know about its next episode.

BNA Episode 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Produced by Trigger, directed by Yoh Yoshinari and written by Kazuki Nakashima, the first six episodes of ‘Brand New Animal’ premiered on Netflix Japan on March 21, 2020. ‘Brand New Animal’ Episode 4 is scheduled to release on Fuji TV’s +Ultra on April 29, 2020 at 8:55 am PT (12:55 am on April 23 in Japan).

Where to Watch BNA Episode 4 English Dub Online?

As of now, the first six episodes of ‘BNA’ are only available on Netflix Japan. It will receive a worldwide Netflix release later this year.

Brand New Animal Episode 4 Spoilers: What to Expect?

In episode 3, Barbaray Rose, the new mayor of Anima City met Shirou and asked him to help him stop bombers who are targetting the city’s medical center. Realizing that the major might even be able to help her with her beastkin condition, Michiru asks him if he can provide her any aid. Michiru and Shirou then join forces and somehow manage to save the medical center from the bombers. However, a bomb still goes off, which later turns out the be the outcome of two doctors trying to hide evidence. One of the doctors later takes Michiru as a hostage but like always, Shirou just manages to save her on time.

In the next episode, Michiru will meet the dolphin beastkin daughter of the gang boss Giuliano Flip whose name is Nina. All of this happens after she finds Nina on social media with pictures of her in the human form. Soon after this, the two of them attend a human party in their human forms, and Nina accidentally reveals her beastkin identity. This is when a human forcefully puts her in fishtank but being the mammal that she is, she’s not able to breathe underwater. Out of desperation, even Michiru is forced to transform and she helps Nina escape from there. In the end, despite everything that happened, Nina still feels grateful that she at least got to experience being human for a little while.

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