Preview: BNA: Brand New Animal Episode 7

In the past, Trigger Studio has been known for creating some of the wackiest shows like ‘Kill la Kill‘ and ‘Darling in the FranXX‘. ‘BNA’ is no different. In its initial episodes, it’s hard to determine what this show is about but for some reason, it still keeps up interested with its characters. Combined with its intriguing storytelling, Trigger’s unique animation style gives new life to its “beastmen” characters. It may be a bit too soon to say anything for now but, so far, ‘BNA’ is a pretty good anime with a whole lot of potential. That being said, if you’re when you’ll be able to watch its next episode, read on further to know all about its release schedule.

BNA Episode 7 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Produced by Trigger, directed by Yoh Yoshinari and written by Kazuki Nakashima, the first six episodes of ‘Brand New Animal’ premiered on Netflix Japan on March 21, 2020. It is scheduled to premiere on Fuji TV’s +Ultra on April 8, 2020, and later this year, it will also receive a worldwide Netflix release.

Where to Watch BNA Episode 7 English Dub Online?

As of now, the first six episodes of ‘BNA’ are only available on Netflix Japan.

BNA Spoilers

‘BNA’ is set in a world where humans and beasts co-exist. Michiru Kagemori is a tanuki beastkin who decides to travel to a city called Anima city, which is entirely dedicated to beastkins like them. She also takes help from a shady mink beastkin named Mary Itami to get there. While the city holds its 10th anniversary, as soon as she gets there, Michiru lands in trouble after she loses his wallet.

She tries to find the thief by tracking him down but this leads her further down the rabbit hole and she gets caught up in a bombing. But this is when a wolf beastkin, Shirou Ogami, gets there to help her and beats up the beastkin mercenaries, who plated the bomb after being bribed by humans. This is when Michiru stops him and reveals it to him that she, too, was once a human. For a while, Shirou refuses to believe that Michiru is a human and in the meantime, Michiru is asked to visit Gram Grandma in Rabbit Town to get her stolen wallet back. Michiru then starts teaching orphan kids until Gram Grandma ruthlessly sells them off to a gang just to pay off a debt.

But to stop this, Michiru somehow manages to help the kids escape from there and gets Gram Grandma arrested. Michiru gets really bothered by the fact that Shirou did not intervene sooner and even shows him her student ID to prove that she’s human. She then reveals it to him that she has always despised the beastkin because of how cruel they are to one another and she wishes to make Anima City a better place. She also tells him that once she’s done with that, she’ll cure her own beastkin and never return there.

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